Idea and implementation for the app is by me, Paul-Gabriel Müller. If you want to see more of what I create or write about, see my Apps on Google Play Store or my Blog. I used quite some resources to implement this app, here they come:


All data is from the year 2016, for which the quantity of available data was just better than 2017. Following sources were used:



The implementation is done in Javascript/HTML/CSS, using the framework Angular JS to get a responsive UI (which I certainly don't use perfectly, just enough to get the task done). Additionally, the following Libraries are used:

To be able to create APK (Android packages, the "App" files for Android) files from the couple of HTML and Javascript files, the Framework Apache Cordova is used.

For the "global highscorelist" feature, a couple of lines are implemented in the well-known LAMP stack, hosted through my webspace-account at