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Last update for (4)Ruins of Aiur : 2006, 08, 17 20:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1524 (4)Ruins of Aiur 128*128TKTKVROOM0.1final

The map has been rated 39 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Aww it looks better when your playing on it. What ever I've played alot of good games on it with lots of room for good battles in the middle. Tell me what I should do with it =)
red's and teal's minonly is well defendable, while the others' are not

also small islands
modified by Antares
what!? another one? But I can't complain, I uploaded my first 5 or 6 all at once, and all of these except solar station are much better than my first.

gas issue, maybe make all of them on the left, i think that wouldn't hurt anything

S and N expos are cliffable by N and S, whoever had that main could easily take those expos without worry, but whoever didn't couldn't; to keep these here you would need to add expos like it to E and W in the same manner. The northern one has raised jungle that a tank can fit on the southern one doesnt, make them all tankable or not

wow boring middle

*again* gay mineral formations, make them all the same, all the mineral onlys have the same formation, try and make the nats as uniform as possible. In this map the only nat whose formation I have a problem with is NE for *obvious* reasons. With the mains many maps have formations which are almost the same but at a different direction. I don't like this because if the formation is up your workers are slower. If it's down a good split is harder and your workers will always be in the way of new ones, and harder to click on one and get it to leave the clutter to make something or go somewhere. Why not make all of the maim formations in this map on the left or right? They will be the exact same formation, and as far as I know left and right mine the same.

Decoration is ok, but the middle is boring

islands are not by any means the same distance from mains = imbalance

too tired to measure distances, you do that, they look off, *again*. Fuck, I've been up all morning commenting your maps, ima get no sleep ><

beyond antares' comment, the other two are not only not defendable from main, they are cliffable by enemy.

The bases look like they have different sizes. I think purple is the smallest. Too tired to check myself.

Oh and if you change the main formations the way I said, put the geysers all on top (or on bottom if you want to force players to use 4 workers to mine not 3, you sadist) and there is no gas issue.

Why did you make all of these maps final? Your very first two are beta

In the future could you upload maybe a max of three maps at once? I would imagine it's hard to sort through all the comments on all of the maps you uploaded today
It's Lost Temple without cliffs over nats! Yay!
actually top mineral placement is the fastest for workers nightmarjoo, i tested it many times, but the difference is not so significant
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modified by mehnoob>

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