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Last update for (2)Unearth : 2006, 11, 07 13:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1800 (2)Unearth 128*128TKTKVROOM1.3beta

The map has been rated 36 times and got a total of 46 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

the "hugging" cliffs are pretty cool. but the minonlies and the islands are gay :[
I like it. The easily accessable islands help t a lot. The SW island has a lot more room than NE island. Make them more uniform.
Isn't this a remake of the map with the weird bridges? ^^ This is a lot better :)
spinesheath it is =)
nightmarjoo the mineral only islands on sides of mains have a mineral there with 0 so it doesn't show up.
ah k
middle looks really good, everything else is boring. those pointless island mineral onlies

mineral only on cliff is fine.

i was thinking...

take out the islands in corners, but leave those mineral only islands, that can help P in PvZ.

then.. the middle cliffs, have another path going around to an expo further back there. could create interesting battles on the cliffs.
Ever played Gaia against a good Terran player? This is the same middle and mass tanks rape everything on gaia because there is no way something can get through.So widen up the middle pls.
nice, but ugly minerals placement ^_^
It's NOT the same middle as in Gaia. A terran can't take all the 3 routes and if he tanks where the 3 unite, he loses control over two gas expansions. With only one gas expansion near his main he will have a hard time holding that middle with mass tanks.
Don't see something in the naturals. Look at them cerfully both of them and then see why the bottom one can be more easyly siged from the outside both the natural and the main ramp.
modified by LGI
ah yeah that's true. Add a little to red's nat cliff above it and give him an inverted ramp. I also don't like how blue's cliff mineral only is more easily accessible to red than red's is to blue. Blue's clearly has less room, red's sticks out more. You should make blue's stick out more and give it an inverted ramp. The doodads in the middle of the main path looks problematic for pathing and movement; they'll just get in the way and be annoying. Especially for stupid fat goons trying to move while tanks shell them.

I still don't like SW island size.
I'll fix these things tonight ^_^

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