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Last update for (2)Compound : 2006, 11, 13 16:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1809 (2)Compound 128*96TKTKVROOM0.9beta

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 37 points

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Comments:   GMCS (14 elements)

great game play, entrances placed in middle to split the map well
Didn't think the compound ramps would turn out as good as they did
Interesting, maybe a little poor? I think this could use some more money.
Also improve your mineral placement. Yours always look so odd... And they don't allow effective mining.

If you want to add some expansions, check out GMCS.

other than lack of minerals hows it look?
GMCS = Graphical Map Commenting System

You see the "add rating" button? Directly below that one there is a link that leads to the GMCS for your map.
When you are there, you can click on the symbols (I added an arrow and a $-sign) and read the comment attached.
Scrolling down shows a link that lets you add a GMC. Click on a dot on the map, select a symbol, add a comment, and put your name.
modified by spinesheath
DUDE woah that is cool. Yeah tanks are dangerous there but who cares its the same in like idk arcadia, I'll add 2 mineral onlies at that spot & move the previous ones
Dude, if tanks are there not only that it's tight which is good for them and they also attack your workers at your natural. YOUR ONLY NATURAL! At arcadia at least you got two exps...
dont worry about it, it'll make for more of a challenge
Well, the key to winning on this map probably is maintaining control of the compound. Might turn out to have some really nice gameplay, players trying to secure strategically and tactically important positions.
There also are some nice routes around so that a terran can't just siege up in the middle. The limited gas will make games interesting as well on this map, I think.

Just make sure that tanks cannot siege the natural too heavily (a few mineral patches should be the maximum imo).
And improve your mineal lines, they are so ugly TT
Other routes will be used if only terran can't attack the nat from the CENTER of the map. Tanks shouldn't reeach min blocks at all. Even if they reach few of them will you be able to control your wokers to not go there?
Well, as a zerg, it would not hurt much to harvest with only 5-6 drones at your natural. Protoss is hurt more, that's true. I don't like the vulnerable nat either, that's why I said a few at maximum; the less the better imo.

But: if t sieges up there, it is easy to walk around him - he has to siege on the lower ground - and cut off his reinforcements, ideally killing some lone units. That's what I like about this map the most; the high/low ground + alternative routes setup is really great imo. At least from the pic ;)
yeah that is true =)
you should test it & post replay O.O
Not with those mineral lines :p
Ok i test the tank range now fix it.
That cross on the lower minonly in GMCS is not viewable, because my $ comes first ;)
mineral onlies @ bottom of map made sexier
nats pushed up a bit & put a few doodads where tanks might be able to reach peons
I made a little test game vs comp; nothing to show, but imo the naturals are too tight. I'll mark the exact spot that I don't like in GMCS.

Edit: wow, I really like my double arrow ;)
modified by spinesheath

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