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Last update for (2)Easier to Run : 2007, 07, 17 10:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2347 (2)Easier to Run 128*128Single-0.6final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 38 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Nat's entrance too wide.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
haha, linkin park fan :>
you stole my natural-minonly-idea :(
This map contains 100% Gosu. Even the name. (:

I dont think ive ever seen an isolated main done in 1v1s, and if i have it wasnt done well enough for me to remember it.
modified by Excalibur
this is the only map I would NEVER FE as Terran vs Toss. Reaver/DT will come and when it comes I will have to kill it off as fast as possible or I'm dead.

I think the map will play only drop style in the early game (Zerg may play Mutas). I think the Naturals are hard to hold because one has to split units to defend the main and natural which makes it really difficult.

Still a good map.
like it
I tried this nat setup a little bit in my map (2)Argonne, but my minerals were too close. It works fine as long as the two formations aren't too close, only testing can show =/

Even paths are a pain enough, adding such long distances only hurts. It's important to know which path is longer, and if they are the same, gameplay will be very painfully awkward I think.

Basicly, if there's a longer path, tvp will be very easy once they get past the inevitable reaver/dt rush. If there isn't, tvp will be very hard.

The nat isn't too open, not with such long distances.

Main building space is not adequete, and the open nat doesn't compensate enough. Also, tanks can hit much of your main from the edges, limiting possibly your building space even more. Tanks can even hit the gas and some minerals of your main lol.

gas issue -.-

There really isn't that much flank room, but distances are so long that it doesn't matter too much and the more mobile races will be able to expo easily still and move faster making the lack of flank room meaningless. Especially with 100% unbuildable ground, I think terran will be hard pressed to beat protoss.

I think z>p, lack of building room, zerg is mobile and can take advantage of the long distances well, hiding an expo even with there being few expos shouldn't be too difficult. p>t even with lack of building room, the map is unbuildable which hurts pushing somewhat, and protoss can really use the long distances and its mobility well here. Terran can't really set up camp anywhere and be safe, slowpushing is largely impossible, and if t can't slow push effectively then he really doesn't have anything against p =/ I don't know about zvt. I think that the long distances and mobility requirement help zerg, but tvz should be pretty fair, terran probably gets to safely do whatever he wants because of the long distances. Although honestly with short air distances I think I might try 1hatch muta rush^^

The map isn't bad, it's nice in a picture, but I think it has some gameplay issues. Some which testing can fix, and others which are just apparent.
When you open the map, look at the doodads on the platform below the unneccessary ramp that lead to nothing ( from the main ) They are all fucked up. They are missing the center part of the real doodad which makes it ugly. Maybe it is just a problem with staredit.
terran will probably focus on massdrop in tvp i guess

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