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Last update for (4)Crystal Cavern 0.004 : 2011, 07, 07 07:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4335 (4)Crystal Cavern 0.004 128*128CrystalDrag0.9betaground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 57 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I liked the map metalopolis or w/e from SCII So i starting to make this.
No deco.
There is one mineral in nat that is 100.
Middle minerals are 16 500 minerals.

I might add watchtowers...

And this is first time symmetry over y=x
just noticed it might be a bit tight, will retract some high ground back to make wider if anyone else agrees.
modified by crystaldrag
Python :P But the island expos are missing.

If you want watchtowers play SC2.

The big hole in the middle makes no sense at all.
Mains have nice shapes =) (But i'm not a big fan of metalopolis i even have it removed from my quickplay maps) so i'd give you 0 for creativity and a 7 for execution atm :P

this map reminds of Agria Valley as well ^^
modified by LasTCursE

@ Lezerg . I think i said in first sentence. It comes from

-1st sentence ) Look up.
-2nd ) I have starcraft two, but i have had two computers crashing down on me cause some reason, so i am stuck on something that cannot run SCII. Plus the map editor is weird.
-3 ) its not suppose to make sense :P

course there is no creativity cause i just basically copied the layout :D
I think SCII's nat is too hard to defend...i did not say i liked the SCII version.^_^

how does it remind of agria valley?
Looks good, but it's too cramped. 128x128 won't work :(
Ill make it work somehow. 192X192 wont work either. :P
at least connect those two watchtower hills.
The middle is like agria's one with some small changes (the 3rd ramp and that in the middle has 2 sides not 1 :D
At freaklings request, opened the middle up.

added deco, took out tank holes..

gonna try to get some test games on this.
Comments abouts this minor update.?
Cool, like it, nice deco **
I do think however there is a lot of wasted space, a LOT of it, that could actually be used to do nice things.
Like obviously between mains and at the 5 and 10 behind the expo, you could come up with something original and creative..
nice deco
Much of the wasted space problem would have been solved if you had stayed true to the layout of the original, especially concerning main shapes.
modified by Freakling
Freakling i don't know if you tryed working with the Galaxy Editor from SC II But it's quite different than the SCM DRAFT 2 and the SC II maps are quite different in general from the BW ones.. I find that he did a good job with remaking the map in a Bw format and that wasted space isn't that big of a problem aslong as the map it self works well ^^

Crystal you can push the 4 and 10 expos back a bit to get a enlarge path cuz BW units do need a bit bigger one :

PP: Freakling if you actualy did some work with it you can share it with us as p4e did while back before TL consumed him xD
modified by LasTCursE
Minor update o.o

Moved the high yeild ramp facing 4 and 11 back.

moved 3 and 6's ramp going to third back for equal distance with 12 and 6.

Might make island...

And ill think bout that LastCurse :P
And galaxy editor is so weird to me.. i cant do smit on that..
And galaxy editor you cant make crazy ramps :o

Gonna get some games tested
Looks much better now, i like it! :)
May be not in shapes but you can put doodads and a crap ton of different textures on the SC II ramps :) that gives alot of creativity ^^ you can blend em with the low or high ground to look natural too ;

I'm not a big pro with it but i understand how to use it overall and it's pretty cool and powerfull xD

But the bad side is that is borderline imposible to make ppl play your maps.. except if with your friends or you a very very very good mapper with it and tournaments take them xD (like p4e's testbug map)

PP: BW Maps will always have the special magic in them tho, that SC II is missing for the most part :)
modified by LasTCursE
Like the update, but what about my previous suggestions??
This is not sc2!! Its broodwar, why not make it a good sc1 map?
Okkkiiii :O Yall are soo mean. Ill make Islands, or possibly one of thoe fortress islands.

im not sure about behind nats cause they look different sizes.

modified by crystaldrag
Addeddd fortress islands. mineral of 40 is below temple. O.o

Still need some idea on what to use that space behind nat and 3rd for.
We're straight forward, not mean :D

You could just push the 3rd towards the corners and widen the ow ground passage between the nats. Or you use that space to make the double gas expos less tankable.

SC2 mapping lacks the feeling of overcoming limitations. There are no longer any tile blends and custom terrain, you can just combine whatever you like (if you can figure out were you can find it in the editor...).
Quoting from team liquid:

"It is known for its harsh criticism, and high standards."

:P Ill take it like that hehehe.

So is the islands alrite?
Pushed 4 and 11 back. Temples are to help make the ramp temp smaller, and helps toss defend agianst vultures.

The middle high yeilds are suppose to be hard to maintain. :)

true that's why i still prefer making sc 1 maps lol
if was jungle looool will be so cool orrr space maybe
Fixed the DL that no one bothered to tell me :'(

x species , now that its like that, i cant convert it... and too lazy. Reason i did in twilight was cause i havent done a twilight in a while. :)
X is just joking (I hope he is)
me is hoping so too . :O Its good as it is hopefully.
I thought it's twilight cuz it's closest to the Korhal Terrain that metalopolis was made on lolz
Not Badlands?
Badlands is more like tarsonis
Made Obs version, took out the Temples, same otherwise.

gonna get some games tested.
rated it 10 :)
python, with wideramp expos turned to roadrunner expos and island expos turned into fortress expos

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