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Last update for (4)Caustic Fury : 2011, 08, 06 04:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4391 (4)Caustic Fury 128*128Concept:Phobic//Deco:CrystalDrag1.9finalground

The map has been rated 35 times and got a total of 67 points

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looks pretty good :)
modified by CrystalDrag
I like the map, and good job on the symmetry. Looks good.

That third expo is really easy for terran to grab in TvP. Terran can just slow expand into that with a few siege tanks. However, protoss can always out expand terran if they need to, I guess :P

The overlord spots for the natural expansion isn\'t super comfortable, or I don\'t think it\'s in a good enough position to give overlords a good view of what goes in and out of the natural.

The way the natural expo is set up, the resources are very easy to protect from muta harass. Not sure if that helps the map or not. Also, the natural seems very vulnerable to a hydra break when Protoss FEs vs Zerg.

modified by CrystalDrag
This post is not displayed due to its content
lol crystal. always suspicious!

Now that I think about it, it does look like a Phobic map.
modified by JungleTerrain
o_O Korean ramps in this map?
hmm it's crystal definetly lol
What makes you think its mine ehh
Just go with JungleTerrain and say its phobics.
It's Phobic. I talked to him... We were jerking around about the map name and he found this one good... Don't know why.
Shut up freakling. :D

Overlord spots arnt favorable... and naturals arent favorable towards mutalisk.. But zerg has lots of flank room, and mutas can kill 3rd cause there is no turret space, as well as the middle...

There is unbuildable tile underneath buildling so creep wont spread past..

When units are given the command to go from one base to another(not cross position)they will go through the small corridor, not the 3rds.

rescources in middle are 750/2000

Koreans ramps are made by me.. :D
So is decoration... and natural choke balancing..
and CRBP ! lol
not that random tbh
Come on people.... That rating is not 10.0
What other problems that havent been brought forth...
Lol, you modified our comments so that they didn't say "Welcome to the Site!"

Actually, right after I posted my last post on this thread I downloaded the map file and check it out ingame. It said Phobic: concept/Crystaldrag: decoration, same as it says here.

Not very smart, methinks :P

I'm going to check this map out ingame and check for wallins and stuff, so be patient dude!
^_^ That is why its helpful to look at triggers and such. I left it purposefully. :D

^_^ I think wallins are all okay, all marines spawn inside the base with the give guide...
i think forge FE is fine.
I don't like how close together all those expos in the middle are.
Ok, so I did some testing.

Wallins at the mains are functional, but they look ugly. You have some rocks that are "cut" and look very unnatural.

The naturals feel sort of weird, I think, but that's because of the mineral formations. They just seem so safe!

However, I found something rather weird. There are three mineral patches in the Southeast Natural expansion that do not mine properly. They are the ones that are closest against the cliff.

So again I say, and the testing confirmed, that the overlord spots suck. The wallins for Protoss forge FE are terribly vulnerable to a hydra break, too. Put more terrain around it or something. The Hydras can get a good angle around the natural's entrance and can snipe the Protoss' buildings.

Last but not least, the NW and SE mains seem bigger than the other two.
modified by JungleTerrain
modified by JungleTerrain
"I don't like how close together all those expos in the middle are."

I totally agree with this, too. It looks kind of ugly at first glance, but to add to that, once the expo is mined out, since the other expos are so close, the workers actually try to go through the neutral buildings in order to mine the other expos.

They are just TOO close to each other. Also, you can tank the expos which are across from each other horizontally, while you can't do that with the expos that are across from each other vertically. This is a symmetry issue.

The cut off rocks are to make sure nothing can slip past it... but ill replace it later, my scmdraft just cause my comp to screw up and i am temporaily pissed at it..

jea naturals are weird. Phobic's idea

Hmmm.... ill fix that(did you test ALL of the mineral patches?? +_+ i would say no life or really bored then....)

i think the overlord spot suckishness was apparent even without testing.. ^_^

Yes the do LOOK bigger.. but however you must remember cliffs suck.... :) but i am not sure, ask phobic...

I TOLD phobic the middle looked ugly... but... -_- those expansions would only be taken in the late game, so those neutral buildings would have most liekly fallen by then.. ask phobic. :D

But ill fix the ones i can, then phobic can read this and tell me what to do..
And for the forge fe... i dont understand..
What don't you understand about the Forge FE thing?

This is basically what I mean:

Watch the Hydra breaking the wall. The natural choke in this map is way too open and is not protected enough by the surrounding terrain. In the Empire of the Sun, where the above game was played, the natural choke was actually pretty narrow, but it was still easy to break the wall. In that game, the cannons were picked off pretty easily. However, in this map, the hydras have more space outside the natural choke.

If zerg gets range first, the hydras have more of an angle to snipe off the gateway and forge.
Look at (2)Benzene, the pro map that was used for Shinhan Bank Proleague 2010-11

The area outside the natural choke is pretty narrow. This doesn't allow hydras to get a good surround on a protoss Forge FE wallin.

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