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Last update for (4)Still Alive v1.3 : 2013, 04, 24 22:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4601 (4)Still Alive v1.3 128*128CrystalDrag0.1betaisland

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

how would anybody even hold the middle expansions?
With units?
Crystal is this your map?
Why is this mine?.
Interesting solar bridges!
You'd get flanked from 3 sides...

This does look a lot like cd.
Cuz you could be trolling and maybe that's your Korean name or something...and also Im guessing youre the one who created the Island Competition so you'd prolly make the map first...just my guess...
modified by traceurling
You all think you are Sooo clever...
라면 is Ramen. hahaha

I am going to block off those bridges. And put some creep in the middle.
And i am going to remove one expansion from the middle
modified by CrystalDrag
Your name is Ramen? Google translate told me it meant "If" you should use creep spawners :D
modified by traceurling
still alive - bigbang album or w/e, and i know how you like to name your maps after stuff like that lol
Big Bang is Korean and Versailles is Japanese tho...
I think you should add unbuildable terrain to the edges to control/limit how much static defense (missile turrets) can be made. I'm concerned the limited amount of space will lead to very turtley gameplay (at least by terrans).

The expos in the middle may be too close to each other for two players to have settlements on the central island though, which would make it hard to fight over anything and thus lead to relatively static gameplay.
I know they're very dated maps, but look at Estrella and Neo Forbidden Zone and see the distance between expansions and the amount of space available. "Normal" types of gameplay existed on these maps; that they were island maps mostly just changed the opening builds and changed the viable strategic diversity available to players.

Overall I like it though; island maps are neat in general.
Perhaps make the center expos high ground and keep the middle as low ground..
This is much more a pure island map than Forbidden Zone or Estrella, no macroing on the lowground and most expos are islands.

Given how this is almost "hypersymmetrical" (like Arkanoid, for example), you could easily make a middle with only two expos.

Suggestions for the middle

variant a):

two middle expos, halfway (same air distance) between two adjacent mains, ring shaped path (using those bridges) around a high ground centre [on which you could put a creep spawner, but I don't think it would do much but look weird...], connected to the ring by ramps, to form a path orthogonal to the connective line between the expos...

variant b):

One single central expo (possibly double gas), either with a wall all around it, making it an island, or accessible from two (like FS) or four (like Gladiator) sides, in either case with a ring-shaped path with bridges around it (as in variant a)

Personally I think either variant a) or the FS middle would be the nicest.

I also think you could easily give some more room to the middle, without running into odd tank angles.

Nats should have no turret space behind them, to facilitate muta harass.

The nats are selectively blocked with trap turrets, so only Zerg can immediately expand, whereas P/T need detection/splash first, right?
Have you considered shrinking down the nats and/or adding more blocking turrets, so terran cannot just build a CC next to it and float it short distance? Admittedly it does not make that much of a difference, how far T has to float their CC, though.
modified by Freakling
@jungle : You know me so well. Ahaha... My starcraft doesn't support korean for some reason or i would have named it in korean :P
@Nightmarjoo :
"add unbuildable terrain to the edges to control/limit how much static defense "
I was going to add a creep colony along the farther edge of the main.
i like the idea of a FS middle... And i do like the bridges i made :3
Will remove the turret space... or just push the minerals towards the edge...
Yes, there are trap turrets... 50 hp isn't immediately. :P
Terran can just build on the low ground next to the cliff and lift.. not that much difference.
Crystal isn't it midnight where you live right now? And don't you have school tomorrow?
Yes it is midnight... 1:11AM at the time of this posting.
And I dont need to study for school that much..
Will do some terrain editting so that the creep pattern doesnt appear blocky.
Two of the main minerals are valued at 100. Just to help early game economy.
nydus rush is 8 minutes somewhat :3 2 base
modified by CrystalDrag
They can easily kill the colony by then...
If you really want to promote nydus rush as a serious, viable strategy you have to
I. use creep spawners, so oppenents cannot get rid of the creep (the size in 2x2 squares of the creep area determines how many attempts at nydus rushing one maximally has);
II. make the creep area safe in some way (walled off with some rather tough buildings, or just hidden from sight, a bit off the main...

Overall it does not really fit this map I think...

But as a general thought, you could do something like I did on Tar Basin, with the island expo having those bridge paths next to them. Add another small island with a creep spawner at the end, and have a lot of them all over the map, and you have a really nice mechanic to facilitate both drop play and offensive nydus usage.

Ideally, block the creep spot off with vision blockers, so its harder to scout them.

Now some one do a map like that Prettyprettyplease!! ;D
modified by Freakling
Have you tried the middle with two expos? One at 6, one at 12, a ring shaped path connecting them (You'd have to relocate the bridges, I think), and a high ground path from 3 to 9.
Actually that was quite the epiphany... Things are falling into place so nicely, give me a few days, I'll make a draft, or at least a sketch.
You can make it your own island map :P
I like the circle.

Doing a nydus rush was never meant to happen; was playing an AI who got shuttle tech with zealots by the time i nydus his main.

The creep colonies are just to stop some static defense... i may use the creep spawners, but it will show as an ugly square unless i use multiple ones to make a nice circle.
modified by crystaldrag
I don't think the creep spawned resource is working for me...Also does Space have vision blockers?
why would it not work?
there are no space tiles that vision block.
I downloaded the resource a while ago and I couldn't find a marine or whatever it was to c/p
Of course the question still remains on how to get the creep to appear on the picture....
You copy and paste a deplete terran vespene tank from the map(SCMdraft)
*Unbuildable area around the main - for less static defenses
*Reduced minerals - Mains have one 500 and one 250, Natural has one 1000
*Middle - Full valued
Is that a mineral block in the center expo?
If so, does that really serve a purpose as Terran can land their CC elsewhere(unless you did some crazy solar panel shenanigans that make it look buildable when its actually not) and mine that piece off...
Yes there is a mineral block center expo
They cannot land their CC anywhere because the plating is covered in creep.
Did not notice the creep spawners lol...

Welcome to Vietnam starcraft tournament. We sincerely want to invite you to this tournament. Here is the follow link . Our translation is under the vietnamese.
The time in the topic is GMT+7 ( vietnam time), so please becareful.

*Start time (maybe change): 2pm on Sunday 28/4/2013
1. Fighting spirit.
2. Python.
3. Still Alive ( Island Map)
*link download:
*BO3 ( loser pick)

If you want to join us, leave your reply here with:
1. Your account on iccup or garena.
2. Your email address or yahoo ID.
3. Your iccup rank ( if you have)

* The tournament is played on iccup.
*The final decision will be shown on Saturday morning 27/4/2013
Pick 2 super standard maps and an 'amateur' island map?

How much did you bribe? haha
Oh so this is an amateur map? :P Make a better one!
Lololol I thought the name sounded familiar when I read the news
i'm not quoting myself, I know how much better you are than i am.
Seems very familiar from somewhere :
May be move the main minerals 1 or 2 hex towards the center so you can move around them after all it's an air map drops,mutas etc will be the most used strategyes :D
Part of balancing for Z

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