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Last update for (4)I Dont Care 2.1 : 2014, 08, 29 22:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4656 (4)I Dont Care 2.1 128*128CrystalDrag0.3betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I like it. Not sure if the middle expo will just get in the way or not. It's not very defensible in any case.

Oh, I didn't look at nat closely enough. Protoss will definitely be annoyed about FE being weak. Terran and Zerg FE are relatively unaffected, so it's a concern. Otherwise the general layout looks solid / standard.
modified by Chef
it is similar to Everflow~~
Only very marginally...

Finally a life sign!

E/W 3rd ramps are probably wider/easier to take/harde to defend than N/S ones.
A sign of life :)
I know, i think i need to shrink them by one tile or use 60 degree ramps... lurkers have hard time. :c

Every natural entrance wallable with rax+depot or gateway/forge vs lings except the gateways collision box on the left and top, so may make fe bit more bearable..
Oh, you just stick them on the double bridge? That would make forge FE pretty strong against hydra bust, at least. Hopefully you can position your gateway in such a way that a dragoon can still get out later.

The way I was looking at it, I thought Protoss was gonna have to build forge and gateway attached to his nexus and try to clog his ramp up.

PS: Do you mean one of the double bridges can be walled, or one takes a depot and the other takes a barracks and you're sealed off. I must be not seeing doodads, cause blue looks like his south ramp entrance will take at least two buildings by itself.
double ridge* :P
Wallins ish sorta in a post there...
This would definitely need some serious testing of contain/contain bust strategies, to determine if the nat chokes are not too tight.
No one would wanna test it :)

Not as tight as destination or melting pot?

Im working with the New BW Server, reworking new map pool...
modified by CrystalDrag
Birdie's? Is it up now? How will they make their map pool?

Can we maybe get a cooperation going, like with out current map pack, to play a tourney on the new server for all the nice cross promotion?
Yes Birdies, not up yet

By copying iccup's and tweaking a little, but i volunteered to create the lists and edit the maps to replace "iccup" name and fix tank holes and such.

Yeah, thats a definite possibility. Should i send him a pic of our new 6 maps, and see if he can run it out...

On the new server there is going to be a random map seletion out of 8 or so maps, so i think i could ask him. But he need to do maps and stuff like that later into development.
This post is not displayed due to its content
Oh wow those walls really suck. You can't include cybercore as a core part of your wall. Zerg is just gonna 9pool speed. What are you gonna do, clog up the other entrance with like 8 probes while you wait for cyber core? I would rather just one base as toss here.

The post on TL about blocking one entrance with a neutral building is an ok duct-tape style solution.
modified by Chef
Can we maybe get a cooperation going, like with out current map pack, to play a tourney on the new server for all the nice cross promotion?

I have asked him, keep yall updated.

5 months
modified by CrystalDrag
ridges narrowed.
entrance made into one.
A modest alteration but one that adds alot of value.
This looks really solid
Only detail: imo deco in the mains could be bit better ( ik u can do better CrystalDrag :D )
Nice deco update :)

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