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Last update for (4)Ferocia Spiritus : 2013, 12, 19 14:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4706 (4)Ferocia Spiritus 128*128CrystalDrag0.9finalground

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 55 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Inversion of FS underway.
Named Nature Wing, as similar to \"Silver Wing\" (past version for noobs) and due to middle being high ground, more grass is used. (grass = nature for noobs)

Decoration not finished, nor unbuildable terrain..
I did the map without the symmetry tool much, to give a nicer feel...
And the mains have been altered to give more room cause of inversion

No fighting spirit in our database haha...
modified by CrystalDrag
Do we really need this .-. It is a pretty nice map though hmmm...the fact that the natural is high ground deals with the problem Pamir Plateau had with being contained...
No high ground bridges :(

Is this the same weirdly irregularly placed middle expo as on FS?

You should really change the gas position for the southern 3rd.

No nice muta cliff and a lot of turret space behind nat minerals = probably bad for Zerg.
Yes we really do need this :D
You want me to make a BB instead? :)

>:l I am going to make high ground bridges.
Yep, copied all the minerals in the middle Expo

I shall change that...
Should i push the minerals back into the edge with only one tile, so that units can still go behind, or do something jade-like and just shove them against the edge.
modified by CrystalDrag
You should use the same 2x3 high ground blocks that you used on Teru to recreate the high ground ridges behind the nats here.
It would not be an inverse version then... -.- I am just going to place ruins behind the minerals after pushing them a tile closer to the edge.


*unbuildable behind minerals now, and one tile from cliff so harder marine movement behind
*fixed gas
*minor decoration
*added some unbuildable terrain

*ramps at main changed to allow better wallins
*a bit nicer decoration

Please let me know any other things. Will start resource testing soon...
modified by CrystalDrag
A little bit more doodads, doodad markers for terran ling tight wallins and for pylon placement vs vultures at thirds.
This map has actually turned out pretty well better then reverse LT and reverse python.... We should get map testing on this and maybe possible consider this as our pseudoFS map in STL?
The 3rds look pretty vulnerable, which probably exacerbates the rotational imbalance issue.
The third base in iccup's map Empire of the Sun is the same type of expo as Reverse FS.
should call it by its proper name >:(

If its any consolation, i am pretty sure tanks cannot seige from high ground. And there is some unbuidlable terrain above both ramps...

I could change the high ground clutter between 3rds and mains to water, so that muta harrass is less potent
Very pretty,
You have the opportunity to do high bridges that are more like:

Interception CLICK here
Water is muh too narrow to. Ive seen before
Empire of the Sun is axially symmetric, though.
I would just move the high ground with the ramp on the gas side away, so tank on top of the ramp cannot reach the geyser.
Did so~~
An older, perhaps the original, version of Silver Wing now known as Fighting Spirit had it so that the ramp of the third facing the natural was wider than the ramp leading to the center. Perhaps with the high ground advantage already this extra defending advantage was excessive but in this case it might be called for to revive that old style with a larger ramp facing the defender to increase the safeness, while still being somewhat true to Silver Wing
Lets see how testing goes actually...
Or if two others agree..
modified by CrystalDrag
The original Silver Wing also had nats that were tankable from the middle behind...

Wider ramps towards the close nat also exacerbate the rotational imbalance by making the option to expand counterclockwise even worse.
TL is down?
Well wtf, why cant i access the web page.
And i got into UTD
modified by CrystalDrag
It occurs to me that because Lost Tenple became Reverse Temple, you could name this Reverse Spirit
sounds weird/doesn't make sense
I can't access TL at home even with a proxy...
Just a name change and decoration overhaul.
Initials are still FS >:)
Cute name :\
Pretty sure it would have to be Ferociae Spiritus (or FerociŠ Spiritus, if you prefer) to make any sense, though...

Or Ferocia Spiriti - depending on what you actually intend it to mean.
modified by Freakling
Freakling showing us that German > American education. Btw Crystal how fluent are you in reading writing speaking Korean?
Decent at speaking, can't read for shit mainly(speed), writing i cant do for shit(everything)

Because he uses latin names more.

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