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Last update for (2)Road Rash 0.91 : 2020, 04, 12 01:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5214 (2)Road Rash 0.91 96*128Doglived7.9betaground

The map has been rated 7 times and got a total of 55 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

First melee map I created, still in testing so give me any feedback!

Update 0.91:

-Doubled the size of the outside bridges

-Increased natural entrance

-Slightly increased size of natural

-Mineral only base has buildable terrain to balance, so that zerg is able to build defenses

-Opened up the 4th gas base for more balance

-Other minor changes
modified by Doglived
Just some thoughts, either stuff to think about when making a new map or editing this one:

Main to nat distance looks long, makes it hard/awkward to defend against mutas, create a turret perimeter or just design a base.

I think the map would be better if the main and nat would be more condensed horizontally speaking, either to the left or to the right, doesn't matter.

This would give you room to move the 2 and 8 o' clock mineral expansions into better positions and make them actual expansions with gas instead of the tease they are now. Then players would have the option of expanding either left or right of their right instead of only counter-clockwise as it is now.

The corner expansions on the high ground are pretty safe, I might pull them out of the corners a bit somehow or add another way to make them more vulnerable (maybe making the ramps at 4 and 10 wider and the other ones normal-sized ramps? idk)

I like the middle, personally. It's obviously nothing new but I still think it's a solid concept, Destination-style (bridges dividing the middle). I think the challenge in the concept lies in striking a balance in strategic importance between the different paths/chokes. This includes the flow of expansion in the map, which is why I make my suggestion about somehow allowing players to expand either clockwise, counterclockwise or otherwise another way (like into the middle or something).

The minerals outside the nat seem to be in a good spot (it's a very safe place to put it, map-make speaking), but I recommend only having one per person on 2 player maps.
Yes great ponts. I was actually looking into making the mains smaller for that reasoning, and to add some drop harrasment to the main mineral line. also was looking at positioning the 4th gas better, possibly moving it to the other side of the building or surrounding it with the building. As well as possibly making the main mineral only a gas base. The problem I see with making the corner expo more vulnerable is zvt, having zerg try to defend their 3rd. still trying to figure it all out. Thanks for the input!
modified by Doglived

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