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copy/past minerals using scm draft
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whenever i do this in the game the minerals arent snapped to the grid despite the fact that the option "Snap to grid" is set.
also whenever i try to place neutral darkswarm similar to the map avatar (except they used dweb on that map) units appear on top half way down and below above the half way point.
here are some pics illistrating my points:

modified by rich.
2009, 05, 09 09:00
i just tested the darkswarm, and it doesnt even work..
2009, 05, 09 16:33
the minerals issue is just redo them, u cant copy paste them.

The swarm issue though, is due do it not being placed correctly with the unit grid. To solve this, place a dark swarm UNIT where u want the swarm to be. After that, zoom in and place a dark swarm SPRITE exactly on top of the unit. Then remove the unit. Should appear where u want it.
2009, 05, 09 20:28
thanks for the help. i tried the dark swarm thing like 5 different times the way you said and it looks the same as well as still doesnt work.
2009, 05, 09 20:58
Make sure you're using a neutral unit-sprite and that it's not on top of unwalkable terrain (like partially on a cliff edge).
2009, 05, 09 21:03
i was using sprites->effects->spells->zerg->dark swarm. its in the middle of like open terrain too. i tried placing a units->neutral->zerg->darkswarm, then place the sprites->effects->spells->zerg->dark swarm exactly on top of that then deleting the unit. but it still doesnt work. it looks the same as the screen shot i already posted.
2009, 05, 09 22:33
you need sprites->unit sprites->somewhere there
2009, 05, 10 11:00
sprite->unit sprites->neutral->zerg->dark swarm doesnt appear on the map. i dont get why there are 3 differnt dark swarms and none of them do anything.
2009, 05, 11 03:39
i know what you mean, it can be a bitch to get it working sometimes.. sometimes it even feel like SC is responding differently to unit sprites i put in maps.

However i cant help you more. I havent made a map with spells on it yet, i have only used neutral buildings that are actual units. Spells is only sprites, but i still dont get why its not working....

You should PM LostTampon, i think he has some experience with it.
modified by Starparty
2009, 05, 11 18:39
Here are the facts and solutions:

About copying/pasting units:
- if one selects multiple units and copies/pastes them they are grouped around their "barycentre" in the resulting brush (the paste cursor, showing where the units will be). That barycentre does, not coincide with the terrain tiles, in most cases, even if the selected units are all correctly placed structures.
problem: if you paste a group of structures (e.g. mineral formations) and have activated the "buildings snap to tile" (BSTT) option, that barycentre, not the structures themselves, snaps to the tiles, resulting in faulty placed structures.
solution: If it is just a mineral line you want to move just making a new one and then deleting the old one is the easiest solution. If you really want to copy/paste something correctly, then do the following step by step:
select and copy what you want to, enable BSTT, preplace one structure, preferably one that is around the barycantre, disable BSTT, disable "allow stack", zoom in to 400% (or as much as possible, at least), place the according structure of your brush exactly on the preplaced structure (pixel on pixel), change all settings back to what you want them to be.

About objects in melee maps:
- Objects that are not terrain tiles or pure sprites (as e.g. doodads) need to be placed for the neutral player (player 12) to appear in melee mode games. If they are neither resources nor critters they have to be placed as unit sprites.
problems: dark swarms placed as pure sprites work, regardless of the player they belong to, but have no effect and show the typical behaviour of pure sprites - units at the southern half of it appear to be on top of it while units at the northern half appear to be under it. Dark swarms placed correctly as unit sprites, but for another player than the neutral one, do not show up in melee mode.
solutions: do the following, step by step:
select player 12, open "sprites/unit sprites/neutral/zerg/dark swarm" (or "sprites/unit sprites/neutral/protoss/disruption web" for dwebs), make sure you have a completely walkable piece of terrain the size of the collision box of your unit (sprite) (for dark swarms it is 5x5 tiles², for dwebs it is 4x2.5 tiles²) (this does not apply to unit sprites of structures, they can be placed anywhere), you can check walkability by just selcting any non structure unit (unwalkable spots will be grey on the map), if you plan to place multiple unit sprites (e.g. swarms/dwebs) make also sure that they do not have overlaping collision boxes (this does also not apply to structures), now place your unit sprite, preferably using the "snap to grid" option (with the right grid size it helps ypu place them accurately, for example against cliff edges or directly side by side without an overlap or gap in between, test it in-game, if sprites still do not show up, look for an error message in the very beginning of the game telling you something like "blabla could not be placed at x,y" or something, if you get one, you have an overlap or unwalkable tiles under your swarm, if you get none, go back to the editor, selsct the swarm(-s) that did not show up and check their properties, select them in the property window and check if all player properties are correctly set to player 12.
modified by Freakling
2009, 05, 14 17:19
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