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P Buffs for Island Maps
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Just wondering if you mapmakers had any ideas to make Protoss stronger than Terran in PvT on Island Maps? Would an inbase main island mineral only help Protoss be stronger in PvT? And is there any way to make a gas mineable by Protoss but not Terran or by Protoss/Zerg but not Terran? Thanks for your creativity guys.
2019, 08, 02 18:50
No idea how to make a gas only mineable by just protoss/zerg. Not sure if it's possible. Maybe something can be done using the fact that their collision boxes are slightly different and placing some unwalkable tiles somewhere under but thats my only idea.

I would say mineral only in base helps Z>P>T

2019, 08, 03 04:31
By mentioning collision boxes do you mean the same thing as unit size? Thanks for your input.
2019, 08, 03 04:33
Not sure what you mean by that but...

If you go on SCMDraft and go on the top where it says Debug >> Show Unit Collision Sizes you can see there what I mean.

Alternatively, there is a picture here on the Worker pathing guide (in red text) under Articles which shows what I'm talking about.
2019, 08, 03 09:56
Mineral onlies on island maps are almost always a bad idea because they indirectly hurt Zerg who already struggle on island maps.

I am not sure why you think that Protoss hava an inherent disadvantage vs. Terran on island maps anyway. It's certainly true for lots of old island maps such as Gorky Island, Hall of Valhalla or Desert Fox because they have explicitely been made tank abusable. But this only means that TvP balance on island maps is a pretty easily solvable problem. The real challenge is balancing Zerg (and equally doing so in both matchups). However, there are lots of technical ways to give Zerg selective small and even big advantages (some of which can also be adjusted to help either Protoss or Terran too) or just more equal opportunity, so it's just a matter of finding the right combination of fine tunings I think.
modified by Freakling
2019, 08, 03 11:45
i think if you put a gas and a khaydarin they overlap and only zerg can mine because of the extractor size
2020, 02, 06 14:57
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