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How I noticed that Freakling has become some kind of superstar
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Hey, I just wanted to share my experience here ;-)

So, as you might have heard there is this corona thing going on right now, so most sports leagues were cancellec/on hold. So I did not get to watch any NBA basketball, instead I did find interest in watching ASL matches with the great Tastetosis commentary. Mind you, it really had been a decade since I last played brood war, so it was really cool to see how active a community there is again with Remastered. I actually bought Remastered as well as the Cartooned Skins and played some games online. My son is six years old now, so the cartooned skins are a ploy to get him to be more interested in the game. I quickly noticed that I do prefer watching the pros play to playing myself, so I really watched a lot of ASL during the last months.

The maps played are really innovative in parts, and even some of Freaklings maps are featured! I was not aware of this, but for instance this game between Larva and Stork is just so great ;-)

Yeah, so just wanted to say Hi and congratz to Freakling for the success and keep it up guys:D I hope I get to play some games with my son in the not too distant future, and of course we'll use BWMN maps then :D
2020, 07, 23 15:00
Haha yes, he is a bit of a superstar. But he is OUR superstar XD
2020, 07, 23 20:38
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