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I just took another look at signal. This map is so beatiful, and looks really interesting at the same time. I'm all for signal as motw. I try to get a game on it now to make sure it plays as good as it looks.
2005, 07, 24 12:58
Well if youre not with me on gab, id say the barrens. Signal is way to tight around the 1nat. i only picture myself containing the toss there with buildings and shit, and then fireing over the walls by the 2nat :P
2005, 07, 24 16:15
You say signal, i say barrens. let a third party decide between those 2 then :o
2005, 07, 24 16:19
The Barrens is ok to me. Could you write the article, I don't think I could do that that well.
2005, 07, 24 22:12
Ill do it at work tomorrow :)
2005, 07, 24 23:04
But you fix the images, i cant :P
2005, 07, 24 23:04
If some1 can tell me whats my 2greatest works, i would be very happy.. :) For the contest of blizzard.. I'm a bit busy right now so thats why i do no maps ;( but i might make a new one soon.
2005, 07, 25 07:39
Wanan be classical? Send: (2)The Barrens, (2)Ursad Northor

Wanna be Innovative? Send: (2)Boomrang, (2)Spiralus

I'd Go for 1 each, or the innovative ones. I think Boomrang will do well on professional level, it looks fresh and unique. and since it is island, balance it doesn't really matter what you do :o Also Spiralus is interesting, with that centerexpand with no bulding space etc. Though, the barrens is just chosen MotW, so it has to be good at some level :). But my choise? I'd go for boomrang and spiralus.
2005, 07, 25 09:30
imo, s ignal is great, too. Signal and the barren would be a good combination to me. Well, you can only lose if you can only send two maps, whatever you do, you will probably regret it (unless you really win, but I assume there will be hundreds of entries, so it will be very hard).
2005, 07, 25 09:42
That is why the map must offer something special.
2005, 07, 25 10:06
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