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oponnent for Mireille?
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He said draco was out of reach, so we need someone else. Maybe someone of you has an idea?
2006, 01, 25 16:59
preferably someone in the same skilllevel...
mabye newHABIT is about the same? iono..
2006, 01, 25 17:01
28.01.2006 - Headoff G.I. User Map Touranement 02

Now look. After some experience on the first one i make a lot of changes...

First of all the tourney is Invite only. It's 16 players only. I invite the best bulgarians from the cuntry. Most of them are from the national team. The others who are not in the national team, are on their level, or higher believe me! The only players who are not invited are Play.Lamer, and Christian ([TF]Beast). Christian is not that good as he was before, and i don't think he will be intrested, and Lamer is just small kid with bad manners... In other words, he is gay... The players for now are:

Virus_protoss, Me_Blade, eSu.TechnicS, Raging_Bull, PAIN, Xs-Sup3rSlab, Nokia_, Me_mYsTiCaL, Makaveli[BG], hN)TsL[NS], sickela, MladTehnik, Me_Sir-Lancelot, [GO]Dexter

From my visions on all those players i would rate them as:

virus_protoss - 8
Me_Blade - 8.5
eSu.TechnicS - 9.5
Raging_Bull - 8
PAIN - 9.5
Xs-Sup3rSlab - 7.5
NOKIA_ - 8.5
Me_mYsTiCaL - 9
Makaveli[BG] - 9.5
hN)TsL[NS] - 9.5
sickela - 8
MladTehnik - 8
Me_Sir-Lancelot - 8
[GO]Dexter - 9.5

* 10 is max. Ofcourse this is the bulgarian standart...

This time the registration was a bit better then before, i got phones of every player, so i will remind them about the tourney and wait for 100% booking a day before the start. I think everything will go fine, mostly because of the money prize...

So let's don't forget that the winner will also play a BWMN showmatch, and for now i hadn't look for a pro gamer, and if Mireille want to be a "prize" :) , it will fit great with the date too! If not tell me as soon as possible to search for other pro gamers.
2006, 01, 25 21:39
just make sure it wont be as last time.. because although its was a nice event while being there, 5-0 is a really humiliating result in a showmatch :P
2006, 01, 25 21:58
I know, i will make sure :)
2006, 01, 25 22:21
okay, I will PM mireille about it.
2006, 01, 26 01:26
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