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BWMN mappack 2
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so i think many maps was mentioned, get the pack ready quickly and i will organize a tournament in my nation on those maps ;)
2006, 04, 20 21:31
well some1 needs to make a final descision on the last map positions/openings b/c we keep going in circles about whose gonna by in.
2006, 04, 20 23:38
I already asked this question earlier, but I'll ask again:

Can (2)Construction be replaced by (4)Sacred Grounds? Or no?
2006, 04, 21 06:51
Can you test some of your maps? Or at least the one that you want to put in the map pack? Somehow this is going to be a map pack, that will be played by gosu players, and at least we can test it by ourselfs, before closing the map pack...

And i think (4)Peppermint 1.1 is the best one. After this is (2)Construction and finnaly (4)Sacred Grounds.
2006, 04, 21 10:44
awoken demons and trench warfare are tested several times and have proven obs versions.
2006, 04, 21 11:56
Sacred and Construction have been tested numerous times (had to constantly update sacred grounds because of this). Both play equally well.

Peppermint I only played like once, so I also haven't really questioned whether tihs is worthy or not. But once I have more time, I'll find time to explore it even more this weekend.
2006, 04, 21 17:42
i think (4)THe Artist is really worth it for earn a slot in the mappack, if it wouldn't be spitfire-central :)
2006, 04, 21 20:25
I don't love Peppermint, and my personal opinion puts Construction above Sacred Grounds.
2006, 04, 22 01:20
Alright, then Construction it is from me! And that's final.
2006, 04, 22 07:08
aight so mappack is done then right?
2006, 04, 22 07:24
Here's the updated list as far as I know:

LGI - (4)Hocus Peakus
noname - (4)Old Town
Arden - (4)Prelude of Light
NastyMarine - (2)Frozen Tundra
SP - (4)Space Lotus
Spitfire - (2)Stargates
Epidion - (2)Chimera
Antares - (2)gravity
MA - (2)Construction
Flothefreak - (2)Awoken Demons
trcc - (4)Pallisade
Mushu - (2)SilverSea
Scout - (2)Sleeping Sun

That's 13 maps, Five (4) maps and Eight (2) maps. Is this Ok with everyone? Add/remove more maps?
2006, 04, 22 07:45
Travin - (4)Nautilus 1.1
GRC-DeathLink - (2)Parabola


LGI - (2)Osom >:)

At least it becomes the favourite map of all gosus in Bulgaria after the tournament :D .
2006, 04, 22 11:24

how could you forget this?
2006, 04, 22 12:19
Path of Victory has been extensively tested now, including a new rep now which shows how interesting games can happen on this map. Hope this changes your opinion, LGI.
2006, 04, 22 12:31
I think we should prefer 4 player maps since then mybe sacred gorunds for construction, and the artist for stargates?
2006, 04, 22 14:56
LGI - (4)Hocus Peakus
noname - (4)Old Town
Arden - (4)Prelude of Light
NastyMarine - (2)Frozen Tundra
SP - (4)Space Lotus
Spitfire - (2)Stargates
Epidion - (2)Chimera
Antares - (2)gravity
MA - (2)Construction
Flothefreak - (2)Awoken Demons
trcc - (4)Pallisade
Mushu - (2)SilverSea
Scout - (2)Sleeping Sun
Artanis - (2)Path of Victory
Panschk&flo - (4)Home of the swarm

Dunno about Osom and Nautilus. Nautilus is really old and Osom would be LGI's secound map. But actually that would be okay to me, I trust LGI's knowledge.
2006, 04, 22 16:54
why an additional map? we got 15, as we wanted to have in the first place. there is no desperate need for certain maps, we got everything covered. airmaps, 4player, 2player, small, large, new techniques, classic gameplay, all we need.

i don't see a point in adding a map. this would only make it too complex. it is fine as it is.
shall i start with making obs versions for all now?
2006, 04, 22 17:54
How about let the mapper make the obs version?it's not that hard and they can make a "made by" trigger into the map XD
2006, 04, 22 18:16
I think we should have a standard set of triggers, to make it more professional. So if someone will upload some triggers (preferably in StarEdit) with a 'BroodWarMaps.Net Map Pack II'
'Made by _________ and the BWM.N Map Making Team'

and obs triggers, that'd be great.
2006, 04, 22 18:48
Nah.I wouldn't like that.It's my map not the map of the BWMN map making team.We are not mapdori,where one person gives the map a name,some place the xpansions and some make the middle and we have alist of 10people that all have to appear in the text. -_-
2006, 04, 22 19:35
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