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To Stimey
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I read that you do very ambitious testings of your maps, i.e siege tanks range and so on. I was wondering if you could help me checking such stuff in (2)Storm since i was planning on submiting it to BlizzCon invitational :9 ofcourse i'll give credit both here and in the description. If it is too much work with too little gain, i understand :o Just thought it was worth asking :)
2005, 07, 25 14:25
Also you wrote this in the barrens comment section:

"the best way to test is just to put 1 computer on a force called "required for testing", make the victory triggers only apply to the "player" force. change another force to "tester" and put 1 human slot for it, set to a certain race. then start your map in UMS, you start with whatever units you placed (tanks, scvs, ccs) u can test easily."

Those triggers should be released, that would really help alot. I'll write a article on how to test maps and i'd be very happy to hear your suggestions to make the article as good as possible!
2005, 07, 26 14:07
i think i left this basic setup in one of my maps on the site (for convenience. the desert one) but i just disabled them all.

it really doesn't take much time, you just place sieged tanks everywhere and tell them to shoot things you place, and if none shoot, ur fine, else u move it back some
2005, 08, 03 00:09
2005, 08, 03 08:31
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