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Little mapping help
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Hello, hello.
I was thinking of making a map, but the map requires the use of starforge (most do nowadays, eh?) and I was wondering if putting a small tile or patch of low ground terrain next to a high ground terrain would cause a unit on the low ground terrain to miss 30% of the time if the enemy unit is on the higher ground? I havent tested it, but Im kind of hoping some of you have, because, well, Im lazy and if the answer has been found, why bother testing it?
Thanks in advance guys!
2006, 04, 15 05:10
If you make a melee map, ALWAYS use normal staredit whenever possible.

Starforge and SCMdraft are primarily for Use Map Settings Maps and making custom doodads (like wider bridges, ramps, etc.)
2006, 04, 15 06:44
SSir, yes, I believe that the lowground unit will miss due to the low ground, despite having no cliff there.
2006, 04, 15 08:51
yes it will
2006, 04, 15 12:00
Alrighty, thank you very much everyone.
And yeah MillenniumAmry, Im going to use normal staredit for most of it, but there are parts (such as the ramps) that need to be widened.
2006, 04, 15 22:48
yes, high/ground lowground works also for tileset maps. Look at the chessboard in the middle of this map:
2006, 04, 16 21:22
Aha, thanks panschk.
Someday Ill get to work on making my map with this new-found knowledge.
2006, 04, 17 05:05
Check out Doing_the_Dying in the map DB, it uses the concept you were talking about.
2006, 04, 17 07:49
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