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reaon for crappiness?
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maybe the reason 1.15 is so crappy is to discourage sc players so sc2 will sell better once it comes out? is it all a conspiracy? 0.o? is blizzard so heartless as to sacrifice the best computer game ever made, which has lasted more then 11 strong years for monwy 0.o? will ashur notice and start bwl pp again? will the bunny ever get the trix? will crimmy ever get a cookie?
2007, 06, 07 03:13
no you are silly. What ppl forget is that Blizzard is a COMPANY. They want to make money in the end. With the announcement of SC2, they hope for SC and BW sales to go up. So in order to keep the new fans waiting and still delighted for the new game, they will 'upgrade' the current community to stay afloat. This is a strategic move to keep the new kiddies happy and older games to move to sc2. They also created it for the lack of a good ladder system - and there you have it. It isnt bad, its just that ppl were expecting bug fixes or balance fixes - which are completely unnecessary.
2007, 06, 07 03:23
Im sorry, i guess PP//BWL and their features was a drug to me... maybe i just feeling the withdrawal effects due to heavy overdose
2007, 06, 07 04:21
:) yea i understand why everyone dislikes the patch as it didnt enhance our experience. BUT now WGTour is up, and that is a BIG lift to all. Alot of us wont get to experience the best part of it b/c we (most gamers) dont play too competively as the minority in which they actually use the ladder to get impressively good. - take advantage of WGT, you'll get good if you mass game and learn from practicing. And thats what will keep this game afloat - the competitiveness.
2007, 06, 07 05:50
ummm i've played over 6000 games -_-;;
2007, 06, 07 06:05
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