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Whats up with
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Is it the uglier version of this website or what?

Alot of the same members I've noticed.
2009, 09, 02 01:17
That's a site in development for SC2 mapping, by the same guy that made bwmn (= panschk). I haven't been there or heard about any updates in quite a while, though.
2009, 09, 07 16:06
welllll it looks like hell, for sure. Why doens't panschk just ask around his members for some graphics? Because I'm 100% positive I can do better than that obnoxious layout (with all due respect). It looks like a free template.
2009, 09, 14 23:48
This site has max 10 active people,why new site at all??
modified by HoboRobo
2009, 10, 09 03:16
it used to be more active, goes through phases of being more/less active. The new site was to facilitate the switch from bw mapping to sc2 mapping without distracting this site from its purpose of being for bw mapping; not to mention it's "brood war".

It looks the way it does because it's an alpha, not really even a beta version of the site. Development isn't near complete, just added some useable segments to the site to facilitate more activity there as to coming up with ideas on how to change the format/layout from bwm for the new site, etc. Obviously it's not complete, so don't worry about how it looks. It looks like a template because it basically is a template.

I haven't talked to panschk in a while, but my guess is that the new site probably won't ever be finished (he's busy), or if it is, not for a while. I can give you his email if you want to contact him on assisting with the site development if you want.
2009, 11, 05 05:57
site is all foreign language shit I can't see anything.
2010, 06, 23 07:10
Panschk closed it, probably doesn't own it anymore.
2010, 07, 04 00:44
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