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so who actually cares about how their sc profile looks like? i do... i don't like how they disabled the sex box

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2007, 07, 16 18:02
2007, 07, 16 20:41
If you REALLY care about your profile, clean up that mess. It's not like it displays you uber skillz when there is this oh-so-cool 1337-writing everywhere.

This is mine, just the description though:

(I created this myself, but I was inspired by someone else's profile with a very similar description - it also said "ZERG". But I only saw that profile once and never saw that guy again or remembered his name)
2007, 07, 16 21:38
haha spine it rox xD
Crimson, you are so noob! =P
modified by ProTosS4EveR
2007, 07, 17 00:02
spine:idk about europe but in west that would be considered ugly, and its sloppy nevertheless

Protoss4ever: it is a loss rec, and i leave even if i win.. those 114 are due to 1v1's i won and the enemy left to piss me off

P.S... OWNED!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2007, 07, 17 01:41
Sloppy? Do it better. Also: I have seen these curvy things and hearts in your second image like 1,000,000 times. Oh the originality!

Oh, btw: I have had like 20 people so far asking me to give them that Zerg logo -.-
2007, 07, 18 14:36
i'm surprised to hear arguments of originality from someone who copied their profile from someone else
2007, 07, 19 02:54
2 times is a little less than 1,000,000 times, don't you think? Also, I didn't "copy" it, as I only saw that Zerg logo 1 time, about 5 seconds. I couldn't possibly remember it so well that I could copy it... It was quite different, actually.
And don't tell me you never saw those curvy lines or the heart anytime before you made your sig, you'd have to be a complete newbie in the internetz to not have seen it before.
2007, 07, 19 15:24
2007, 07, 19 23:55
the Z is going a different way then the ERG... its already kinda funky looking... having them going dif ways ruins the aesthetics, and i can tell u a lot about aesthetics being a realistic portrait artist
2007, 07, 20 03:14

Nothing more to add.
2007, 07, 20 14:13
yeah i know this became really stupid really quick, arguing about profiles.... neways all i wanted to know was wtf happened to the sex box and the other box beside it
2007, 07, 20 20:05
its 2 hardcore for blizz
2007, 07, 20 22:52
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