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BWMN mappack 2
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So uh, what about me? :D
modified by MillenniumArmy
2006, 04, 08 16:31
I don't know if having Construction in the Map pack would be a terrible thing. I'd support it.
2006, 04, 08 20:53
@ all : i wasnt trying to argue or take the 'big shot' role.. but without me trying to push the discussion of all these maps, would we have progressed this fast? i jus wanted to organize this b/c bwm.n was alil slow for the past week and a half .. i jus wanted to get it done .. other than that... if u guys are mad that im excited about having a spot then im sry but i feel that WD is a pretty good map. i really didnt see any objections to WD so i tried pushing it far. thats it. but that doesnt matter its coo.. im definiently fine with 1 spot amd im quite happy.

Aight so how many spots are left/or how many maps are definently in so far? and who still needs a map discussed etc?
2006, 04, 10 03:50
I would love it if one of my maps made it into the mappack :)

Like (2)Construction or (2)Doughnut
2006, 04, 10 20:23
MillenniumArmy, you should be in the map pack. And if i have to pick from those two, pleace select (2)Construction! I don't care if it's +1 clone map to... i forget how you call it. But it's the best one, and it's got the PRO feel in it :). About (2)Doughnut, i already point what is the main problem with the map, and i still think that this is a problem.
2006, 04, 10 22:38
Yeah, I believe MA definately deserves a spot in the map pack. both maps are great.
2006, 04, 10 22:44
Of course... gogo Construction! That maps is awesome!
2006, 04, 11 00:15

Flo - Awoken Demons
LGI - Hocus Peakus
noname - Old Town
Arden - Prelude of Light
NastyMarine - Frozen Tundra
SP - Space Lotus (ok?)
Spitfire - Starfates

trcc - Tentacle or Pallisade? I prefer Pallisade


Epidion - Kal ha
LAO-artanis - Path of Victory
Summersky - Time is running out
Antares - gravity
panschk&flo - Home of the swarm
MA - Construction
sky - midnight

That's already 14 maps

Actually I want all of them to be in there, so I dont see anyone getting a secound map.

modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 04, 11 00:58
I am only not agree with Path of Victory, Time is running out and Midnight.

Path of Victory - I see only very fast games on it, nothing special really.

Time is running out - I wish SummerSky first read the comments then i want to see his edit on the map, and mayby then i will be agreed. Great map, but there is a lot of imbalance in the start locations.

Midnight - There is so many maps with this concept, and most of them are new and fresh, this is the lowest quality of this concept. It's the worse choise in this map pack ever.

P.S. If trcc, doesn't show up, and don't delete those holes on Tentacle in front of the players, i would do it gladly! trcc, try to understand that this is making the map not playabl, imbalanced, etc, etc... I play this sever times, you have to delete them, i already comment what can be done, because of those holes...
2006, 04, 11 01:20
any maps you would consider from me?
2006, 04, 11 01:23
I would like to see either sleeping sun or gefrierbrand in the mappack.I will have to test gefrierbrand first though but that shouldn't be a problem and be solved in a few days(1-3)
2006, 04, 11 04:10
The list looks good imo.

both of the suggested maps for trcc are very gosu but i think it shuld def be Tentacle.
2006, 04, 11 04:53
Definitely Tentacle, but only if LGI removes the little holes. Go do it Ivan.

SummerSky - please not Time... do Ode to the Sun or Denial, but not Time.

RE: SP, yeah, I'm good with Space Lotus.

If Tentacle is fixed and goes in, and if OttS or Denial go in, then I'm completely satisfied.

EDIT: I kinda want to rename Kal Ho Naa Ho V... give me a day to think of something.
modified by epidiOn
2006, 04, 11 07:59
whats wrong with Tentacle?
2006, 04, 11 08:20
Play a few games vs terran players and find :) . Just imagine a tank push. You can use this hole as a giant doodad, and then you can wall both paths with 1 depot on one of the sides, and one barrack to the other side, or somethning like this. Depends on your location. Not to mantion that armys are going very slow trought this, because most of the time when you click 3-4x12 army they are all going trough only one path.
2006, 04, 11 08:25
true.. well in that case who can make the changes?
2006, 04, 11 08:33
We need at least one Island map, preferably two

Actually, even though LGI hates it for some reason, sleeping sun would be the obvious choice to me, especially if Pallisade gets dropped.

On Summersky: Lets try to pick another map then, as timeisrunningout is not yet final. Ode to the sun was in pack one though, that is not available.

I can accept to drop midnight of the list, but not really PoV. Thats such a sweet little map, and noone is forced to play it, while it might really please some of the players.

Also MuShu deserves one spot too imo, preferably silversea.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 04, 11 08:38
what island maps are worthy enuff?
2006, 04, 11 08:54

Actually JK) had a pretty good one, but made it a land map again. I really would like one 4-player island map in the pack.
2006, 04, 11 08:58
the pack looks fine to me. pallisade or tentacle, that is one good question...
tentacle is stylish, but pallisade seems more "playable" so my vote goes for it.

the pack itself shows many MOTWs. so dropping awoken demons and taking trench warfare might also be worth a thought. dunno about this, i am kinda undecided here. they're both my fav's.

for summersky, I'd love to see "warrior of ice". too bad it is way under his niveau designwise :[
i have no problem with timerunningout, but we cannot say anything about balance on it ;(
if it wont be TRO, i say denial for him

though, i dont oppose myself to sleeping sun. it has evolved so much and is a really appealing map now. i haven't liked it for a long time, but it looks very well and is solid.

the pack is great so far btw. it will be much better than pack1
2006, 04, 11 12:16
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