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TSL 2 OR 3
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I thought about censoring that post, but decided to leave it there just to show off how fucking stupid you are.

"You act like finding the players names, grouping them evenly, posting them, asking for volunteers and being willing to be one of them is nothing at all" If you're not stupid it's nothing at all. That player list can be found on multiple sites in easy to find newsposts, so I don't see what the big deal is. Grouping them up takes no effort at all, you just have to know what 48/4 is. If you're doing it manually, maybe 5 minutes max to get the names all mixed up.

"The fact is, none of you will do anything other than make maps" Yeah, too bad all we do is make maps. Too bad none of us you know, engage in long discussions and arguments over the use of foreign maps, run tournaments, organize testing, talk to anyone and everyone who will listen to try and get their help, work with friends to create advertisement videos to really show off the maps, and of course actually play the maps to show what things need modified, and/or actually do the tiny editing of maps, one thing at a time, some which involve hours of tile editing to get something to be both functionally and aesthetically good. Oh, not to mention, making maps is more than you've ever done.

"Why don't one of you get good at broodwar and then we will have a good player to test?" Says the guy who expects protoss to do nothing in pvt, whose theory craft defines him as a D- noob, who hasn't uploaded a single replay, doesn't test maps, and probably doesn't even play starcraft. Dea is B+, Morrow is B-, Crackling is B-, and if I ever played iccup I'd get atleast C+, ie the better gamers of this site are above the average player. Having "good" players to test obviously does not instantly mean your maps get used and you get great testing replays, and you figure out instantly what to change in a map to make it perfect, and everyone all at once decides they like your maps.
2008, 08, 21 20:43
Face it guys, foriegn maps in TSL isnt going to happen. Its just not. They (TSL admins) arent willing to do it.
2008, 08, 21 23:50
I know, but that won't stop me from trying anyway.
2008, 08, 22 03:55
"Face it guys, foriegn maps in TSL isnt going to happen. Its just not. They (TSL admins) arent willing to do it."

If we actually had money to burn, we could go to TSL as a sponsor, with a condition in our contract that 2 of our maps be used in the pool.

Too bad we're all poor university students who barely have enough money to pay their tuition, let alone pool together $100 dollars each.
2008, 08, 22 21:20
every response Plexa has made points to him being reluctant to talk about foriegn maps in TSL. He will continue to tell ya that the majority (or less) is not willing to take the dive into seperation and originality in TSL with our maps. So you are fighting a losing battle unless you can unite every positive influence into adding our maps - Big time players, non-mapper insight from the community with the maps, and a practical approach to testing and implementing them into the TSL. That means we have to change everything they think about when it comes to us not being 'professionals' (which is major bullshit b.c Im sure we all know that there are a bunch of mappers here capable to being a 'pro.'
2008, 08, 23 03:17
Well, a losing battle or not you can't win it if you give up.

I've talked to Artosis a bit about trying to get us some support/connections from/in korea. Since the progaming teams are taking the time to play vs our players in Spirit and whatnot, I thought maybe they might give support in map testing and comments on the maps and whatnot. So far no word back aside from that he'd see what he could arrange.

Also, Kennigit in the thread in TL said he'd get the maps looked at and tested, though I haven't heard back on that at all. I'll pm him =/

wtmAMD-Infernal, formerly ToT)Infernal( who won the first testing tourney I hosted this week has said he'd give us support if we needed, so maybe we can bank on him a bit. Also, remember I told you Plexa said ToT)Mondragon( and MYM.White-Ra were both supportive of using foreign maps, maybe I can get their contact information from plexa and see if they're willing to give us public support or to pass the maps around their teams and give us replays and feedback, etc.

Also, I need to talk to yello-ant again and see if he's considering the maps at all.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel while I've still got tricks up my sleeves :)
2008, 08, 23 05:29
btw Plexa is on our side, but he's just being honest about how everyone else in TSL feels lol.
2008, 08, 23 05:29
can't someone just ban this dentist fucktard

also, I don't know about Artosis, most of the USA players seem to be the ones most against it... but i could be wrong.
2008, 08, 23 10:31
Yeah, but I don't think he's thinking like a player anymore, since he's more detached from the foreign scene as kind of a korean scene foreign ambassador of types lol.
2008, 08, 23 12:57
Well I've talked to Skew and he's pretty against it on the "i can't practice them" basis...

We just need to change that, somehow give them someone to practice with on these maps.

gah if we weren't like all college students as psychotemplar said we could pay random gosu korean amateurs to play them on these maps but we don't :((((
2008, 08, 23 21:38
Some response to TSL's post-tourney question about using foreign maps, if you want names I can them to you via pm:

"are u talking about some shitty amateur map? then hell no, this is much worse than playing on any new BETTER BALANCED (i guess any korean map is better balanced than any amateur foreign map T_T) korean map!!"

"NO. PLEASE GOD NO" (my favourite lol).

"Don't really see what it adds except making a foreign map maker have a huge ego. No need for this really"

"Ive somewhat followed the discussion
on the TL forum and must say that it just wont
work, cuz there wont be alot of people willing
to play it. U must play vs tsl players only and
it slows finding games when u have to ask if
they wanna play that map and so forth"

"Selfish reasons mostly, I dont want to have to learn a map thats not gonna be used in anything else ever. Besides that, from what Ive seen, foreigner maps kinda blow"

"This would not bring us closer koreans"

"Practicing for it would be a
nightmare. Until the professional scene
necessitates it by having 100% horrible maps,
which will probably never happen and is
certainly not happening now, I see no reason to
entertain the idea of using a foreign map"
2008, 08, 25 13:15
I want names
2008, 08, 25 21:05
2008, 08, 26 00:14
Ouch lol. The part about ego seemed almost logical until I realised Bill307 has like no ego at all.

The only comments that really piss me off is when they say our maps blow, because IMO they're up to par with the Koreans in all regards except testing. It's just ignorance and stupidity on their parts.
2008, 08, 26 01:47
Are you kidding? Bill307 has the biggest ego ever. He put his own shitty maps into wgt and pgt just because he could, when there were other, better maps to put in instead from bwm mappers. Do you honestly think chameleon ever deserved to go anywhere? It's one of the worst maps ever lol.
2008, 08, 26 09:06
I can't say I agree with anything you just said lol...
2008, 08, 26 20:28
Oh good, I was afraid we might agree on something for once, thus predicting the coming apocalypse!
2008, 08, 27 01:57
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