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The Long awaited MOTM 7 - 908 of October 2007 04:47 AM
Posted by:Nastymarine

I'm only going to indulge you fellow BWMNers with short summaries of the next three maps that i am presenting to you all.

I'll start off with MOTM 7 with (2)Silver Flush by Crackling, Testbug, and flothefreak! Now this map still has a few ramp blends that need to be addressed but never the less, the map does play nicely and those blends do not affect gameplay.

The map not only has a great and fun layout, but it is executed with great precision. The concept is 'peaks of baekduish' and 'Fantasy-like' which is complex to the eye at first but easily learned. Congratulations to Crackling, Testbug, flothefreak for making a great map for the community.

MOTM 8 is taken again but the co-author of (2)IronFlush, Testbug, with (3)EndlessFields. This map is definently awesome by concept and execution which is something many of us are happy see at BWMN.

Although the tile blends are not all perfect, I wouldn't expect them to be with a concept and design like this. The layout is very nice though fairly basic; almost longinus like besides the backdoor at the nats and different natural elevations. Congratz to Testbug on another MOTM!

MOTM 9 is a sexy island map ProTosS4EveR named (4)Erebos. The execution is magnificent and the flow is very nice as well as far as ground units go on this map.

The map features 4 creep colonies where Zergs can use the creep to expand/move it's forces (the nydus canal). The rest of the map is very basic and would fit well into any four player map. Great expansion placement and terrain variety in this map as well. Congratulations to ProTosS4EveR!

Congratulations to all the recent MOTM winners!
lol worst motm post ever. 1. Post maps in reverse chronilogical order please 2. Talk about the maps a bit. 3. The picture you posted is of Silver Flush, Flothefreak's modification of Testbug's map, which was only loosely based on Crackling's original bad concept of Iron Flush.

If you want, I can edit/improve the newspost, but you better do the part about Silver Flush yourself because I have nothing nice to say about the map, or atleast I couldn't say anything nice about the map without mentioning its shitty aspects too, and that of course would be unprofessional.
congrats guys
Actually your wrong about the chronological order. As a editor, your want the reader to acknowledge old news as well as the new especially if it is old news that still should be posted/written. So by posting older news in the begining, you attract attention to those. The idea being is to almost force the reader to brush by it when they are looking for the most recent news attraction.

As for keeping it short, i did that because it would be way too long to read and type. I may add to it though.

Crackling does deserve attention for the initial concept. regardless of how u feel.
and to add to the news order, this only works with a select few selection. This is an example of that.
Bravo! Thank you very much guys. We are all happy that the winners are out. Congratulations to Flo, Testbug, Crackling and Protoss4ever. Thanks Nasty for posting the maps.

Now, bear in mind that when a MOTM was posted in the past we have also mentioned say the second and third places. Yes, yes, I don't mean to be a dick, I understand that we are making the best of a bad situation and it was impractical to do this and I agree. But please let's try not to have a repeat of this situation.

Thanks again and congrats to all!
Also, how about some links to the map dl and comment threads?
I think not posting it at all is better than doing a half-assed job at it =/ Before you lecture me with "why didn't you do it yourself" I was awaiting confirmation that the ramps were good enough.
WHOOOHOOO MY 1ST MOTM!!!!!!! <333333333333333333
holy shit your a pain in the ass.
your really make me hate coming here.
nightmarjoo, shut up. Its not like you went on and did it anyway. Your hating is humorous to some extent, but now its getting pretty damn anoying. Learn to keep your thoughts to yourself if you got nothing sensible to say.
yeah, talking this newspost bad is the worst thing you can do.
If you feel like something is missing in the newspost, just edit it to add that information instead of complaining here.

Congratulations to the mapper and to Nastymarine for finally making a newspost about it.
I didn't want to edit Nasty's newspost unless he wanted me to, its his post.
Nasty, I'm sorry for whining and being an asshole above. I was really tired at the time. It's nice having it posted :) I just saw some things I thought could be improved in the post, and was real tired so I was an asshole. Sorry :( I can edit the post if you want me to instead of being Nightmarbitch, but I'll let you edit it first if you want: it's your post.

Hey starparty, shut up. It's not like you went and did it either. The comments you make as if you're some kind of god are humorous to some extent, but now are getting pretty damn annoying. Learn to mind your own business instead of being a nosy know-it-all.
seems that bwmn hasnt changed (or at least some users)
Joel dnt get h0stile t0wards sp. Its not like this is the first time you have tripped over something trivial. And for some reason you think that just cause someone calls you out on something that they are being cocky or in this case... Godlike. Get a grip.. Honestly. I think you know of enough that all you need to do is pm me and ask instead of making a scene about it. I will add more 2 the m0tm p0st in a bit. rite n0w im on my cell 0n da r0ad
"all you need to do is pm me and ask instead of making a scene about it" lol agreed. Like I said, I was tired and not thinking straight :(

Starparty goes around the site bming people almost as much as I've been lately, which isn't good. I don't see him saying anything nice lately. Him butting into anything between Nasty and I simply spreads the fight, which isn't good for bwm. I'm gonna work on being nice again and not being an asshole, I hope Starparty does the same.
I stand up for people when they are flamed without deserving it. If you feel like ive been an asshole to you, its most likelly because you was one yourself. I cant really recall anyone else mentioning me being hostile without a reason.

As for the "godlike" factor, thats an epithet you put on me, not something ive taken and its nothing im pursuing. Still you tend to insist keeping it. Why? I dont know really.
im god at making maps that starparty cant resist but assist rhymes are surreal bananas i can peel im a master at deal or no deal im not trying to reinvent the wheel just seal the deal that my maps are a three course meal when you look at it the first time you just get the feel that i've got zeal and my favorite color might even be teal but that doesn't mean that i like seals, but of course i love veal.
no, sp isnt bming. he is only telling you the truth about your actions and bm-ing angrily and hostile like you tell your opinions/truth to everyone else as well. he's only kind of showing you a mirror of your own behaviour. so if this pisses you off, well - guess what others feel like.
crackling cares a shit
I love how everybody hated the idea of using creep colonies to give Zerg creep to expand and now everybody uses it and those are the guys that flamed me for using it a year ago.

Good job, you fail!
no you fail because you're talking shit ;o
just because you apparently did it a year ago, it still doesnt mean you did it good :P
bwmn spirit roxXxxx
oh i did not know there was a threat in here! 24 comments? yum yum...

i agree with nightmarjoo's chronologic thing. i send a pm to NastyMarine the same day he posted the news, and the pictures were tooo big.

crackling doesn't care about this motm, he just made a random map i'm still working on.
also i did not like how my motm was repleaced with flo's map :(

i would change the author's name from "crack/test/flo" to "flothefrek" only. i really dislike silver flush

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