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How to register your team to 2on2 League26 of August 2005 04:52 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
First of, there are some information you should know:
1) The mappack consists of 3 professional and 3 user- maps, it is only allowed to play on those maps. You can get the mappack here:
I don't want to hear any whining because someone did not know the maps, take your time to at least take a look at them, playing them would be even better of course :)
2)The default date for the games is each Monday at 8PM CET, so 7PM greenwich. Of course it is possible to arrange another date with your opponent if you tell them you can't play at the normal date at least 48 hours before. If you don't inform him in time, the opponent has the right to post a default win.

3) The season will start Monday, September 5.
4) The channel for the league will be BWMN-1X (X being your division, for example BWMN-1A) on europe.

If you have any questions or suggestions, post them in the Forum: Link

To participate, the first thing you need to do is registering your clan/team. You do that here. Don't forget to put "http://" in front of your homepage url. You don't need a clan to participate, just a couple of players who are willing to play 2on2 with you. Clans are allowed to register as many squads as they want and can support, too.

After you did that, please post in this thread to confirm your registration.

I already did a league calles "onlytest" to test the scripts. The teams that are in this league should just try if the script works correctly, and please tell me if there are any problems or bugs.

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