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Last update for (2)Freyja0.63 : 2017, 06, 14 14:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4947 (2)Freyja0.63 128*64Noah2nd0.1betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Freyja is Goddess of Nordic myths.

Short roads can only pass small units.(Dark templar can pass)
and It has two separate fields.

Not tested yet.
Because this weekend is full of tests...
Why anything be fun during the test period?
You really should update your ScmDraft. There are some problems with your terrain editing:

the light blue highlighted tiles are cover providing and most of the ramps are low ground (red).

There are also some high ground spots (red) on your vertical ramps:

modified by Freakling
Is that right that all cliff is same?
What do you mean?
Oh sorry. I was misunderstanding.
It is diffrent between old version SCMdraft and new version?
New SCMDraft allows you to see Height differences.

Also you can see what tiles provide cover.

You can also see tank (or any unit) range in SCMDraft.
Tiles are of course the same, no matter which SCMDraft version you use. Tile flags are hard-coded into the game.

The new SCMDraft has overlays for all tile flags (among other improvements and lots more to come!), which finally allows you to simply debug that kind of stuff in the editor.

Cover = ~50% miss chance on units on those tiles (like under trees, for example). You don't want to have that on random tiles around the map. You have to use snow tiles from the standard ramps to avoid it.

As for the high ground dots: I really hope that Blizzard will patch that out in their next patch/BW remastered (I published a complete list of those bugs for them). But until then, you should better use other tiles. Unfortunately the only ones you can use are rather strongly textured, but for melee maps it is better to use something mechanically sound than just going for the perfect look.
modified by Freakling
OMG... I have to go to download now.
Updated 0.63

Main road modified.
Short road can not pass Dark templars.
And small things.
+ New SCMdraft is awesome.
But have small bugs.
However I like it.
Yeah Suicidal Insanity is still working on it so I suggest you send any bug reports to him. He is on with his name "S.I."

Or on as Suicidal Insanity (although that website is laggy as hell for me).
Wow the middle has been completely changed. It looks like it's difficult to get an army from one side to another.
I agree army is move harder to another side. I think that but I have no idea yet.

And I will send bug reports to S.I soon. But English..
It is harder for me to write in English than to modify a map.
modified by Freakling
Wow, huge change. I don't like the blocky terrain at the inverted ramps. I'd rather have blended high dirt with some doodads and ice ramps, similarly to how I did it on Vårens Töväder.

Just give S.I. bug reports. And regularly check Stormcoast Fortress for new releases. There are still lots of huge new features in the pipeline (may take a while to implement them all, though…).

The ramps to the top left and bottom right expansions still buggy cover-providing tiles and tiles with high ground subtiles.

Those inverted concrete ramps do not only look very blocky but also have a pretty buggy terrain level profile (although no real blind spots for units at least).
modified by Freakling
Vårens Töväder have natural entrance.
Can I take it?
Feel free to copy any terrain you like. Be careful, though, Vårens Töväder still has lots and lots of terrain bugs which become painfully apparent if you look at it with the new ScmDraft. Most of them are on the bug report I sent to Blizzard, so in a sane world they should be fixed in the foreseeable future, but until then I'll keep that map on hold as far as updates go...
I think Ice is probably the hardest terrain wo work with...
Yes...! Ice world and Ash world need update.
Ash world is fine. Most people just do not know how to use it well...

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