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There are currently 3828 maps in the database.
There were 51420 comments posted and 3408 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -161,307.2 .
5 newest maps:
(4)Nocturne of Shadow
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(4)Maw of the Deep 0.60
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SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)Whiteout0
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (4)Haven_of_Winter_0.60
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SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)White Dragons Valley
New Worlds Map Contest: 2nd Edition!10/04/2021 10:56 AM
Posted by:Minerals

Whose ready for the an exciting second edition of the New Worlds Map Contest? This time, anything goes! We encourage experimental and/or island maps this time, be creative! Have an idea for a standard maps with a twist? Let's see it! We are looking for unique maps that are also comfortable to play on.

Be sure to read the extended guidelines in the TL post if you plan on submitting.
Public voting will determine this contest!

Submission Criteria: If you are new to map making, please read the extended guidelines by Freakling: + Show Spoiler +
- This contest is open for standard, island, experimental, or hybrid maps.
- This contest is open for 2 and 3 player maps ONLY.
- This contest is open to all map tilesets, except installation.
- This contest is open to your older maps, but make sure they are up to date with today's meta.
- This contest is open to maps that work in a normal 1v1 Melee game, no Use Map Settings.
- There is no limitation as to how standard the map needs to be, but make sure the map is comfortable and fairly easy to learn.
- First submission should be playable with functional components of the map (functional terrain* and resource pathing) in place, no abusable unfinished terrain (like drop holes), and no mining issues for the most significant bases (mains and naturals).
*Functional terrain includes unwalkable and unbuildable areas, ramps, bridges, choke points, vision blocking or cover providing terrain and generally anything that requires specific tile flags etc.

Have questions about your map or the editor?
Join our Discord!

Submission Rules:
- Maps must be submitted by January 2nd @ 16:00 CEST // 23:00 KOR.
- This contest is open to all applicants.
- You may only submit your own work or collaboration.
- You may submit as many maps as you like, but every map should be in a playable state with some decoration.
- This contest is not open to maps that have been used in official korean or foreign leagues prior to this contest.
- Final versions (top 4) should be de-bugged to the best of your ability for play test tournaments.


Full Information:
NWMC1 maps have success?06/19/2021 09:14 AM
Posted by:Minerals
When hosting this tournament, we had a goal in mind. That goal was to introduce great maps to leagues and get some fresh maps in the scene. So far, we have had monumental success!

-Afreeca Star League (ASL) season 12 adopts GOOD NIGHT before NWMC is finished.

-Blizzard adds GOOD NIGHT to Ladder.

-Bombastic Star League (BSL) Season 13 adopts Wavelet, GOOD NIGHT, and Vertebrae.

-Brood War Clan League (BWCL) Season 54 adopts Wavelet and GOOD NIGHT.

-nOm Star League (NSL) Season 3 map pool consists of only NWMC maps.

Great work team!

New Worlds Map Contest: Results and Map Test VODS06/01/2021 07:38 AM
Posted by:Minerals
The first edition of the New Worlds Map Contest has finally came to an end, and the winner is....

🥇 Wavelet (By Freakling & CrystalDrag)
🥈 GOOD NIGHT (By Crystal Drag)
🥉 Sanctuary (By Minerals, concept JungleTerrain)

🎖️ Best New Mapper - SCSpider with Terraform

It was a very fun learning experience through out this whole process. I hope you too learned a thing or two! Thank you to everyone for sticking with us and contributing!

Big thanks to Team Think Quick and their awesome production team - the map test tour vods were very clutch and gave us something to look forward too.

[NWMC] Test Tour #1 - (4)Wavelet:

[NWMC] Test Tour #2 - (4)Sanctuary:

[NWMC] Test Tour #3 - (4)GOOD NIGHT:

[NWMC] Test Tour #2 - (3)Tundra:

New Worlds Map Contest: Finals pt 1.06/01/2021 07:37 AM
Posted by:Minerals

The public has voted and here are the top 4 finalists of the first edition of the New Worlds Map Contest!

Map | Author | Votes

(4)Wavelet | Freakling & CrystalDrag | 28.92

(3)Tundra | StyleZerg & Freakling | 24.83

(4)GOOD NIGHT | CrystalDragon | 22.83

(4)Sanctuary | Minerals | 20.58

Also, a nuke sized congratulations to SCSpider for being awarded the "Best New Mapper" award of this series as well to HeMsK for being the runner up Best New Mapper.

Everyone has shown great improvement throughout this contest and I was really glad to see the effort put forth, great job everyone!

Test Tour Finals Pt. 1:

Voting Results:

New Worlds Map Contest: Top 12 Submissions04/27/2021 07:40 AM
Posted by:Minerals
New Worlds Map Contest: Top 12 Submissions!
New Worlds Map Contest: Top 12 Submissions!

The original plan was to break down our submissions into 8 maps for this phase, but since there was an unforeseen amount of submissions we have chosen 12 maps to move into this round, giving opportunity to multiple new comers to really shine with their efforts.

Augustgrad 5.0
By nOm.CookiMaster

Bridging the Gap 0.81
by Freakling & StyleZerg

Clock Strikes
By CrystalDrag

By CrystalDrag

Mayday 0.93
By nOm.Doglived

Sanctuary 0.93
By JungleTerrain & Minerals

Static 0.13
By CharacteR

Terraform 0.57
By SCSpider

Tundra 0.95
By StyleZerg & Freakling

Turbine 1.01
By Minerals

Vertebrae 1.0
By HeMsK

Wavelet 2.02
By Freakling & CrystalDrag

Download Map Pack:

What will happen now?
1) We present to you the top 12 maps of the contest.
2) We ask for your feedback on these maps on how you think each one can be adjusted appropriately, from a players or observers perspective. To be clear, we are not asking for your votes, YET!
3) Map makers are given two weeks to complete and polish their maps to further completion. All submissions must be posted in this thread by May 11, 20:00 CET.
4) We will launch a public vote on TL to decided our final four maps in a future post in ~2 weeks.
5) The final four maps will be featured in four exciting map test tournaments, each focusing on one map, involving top foreign progamers exclusively casted by us Team Think Quick & pe RemastrTV.
6) Public voting on TL will select the winner of the final four maps in a public poll.
7) Top voted map created by a "new map maker" will be awarded 20% of our Map Makers prize pool.

TL Thread:

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