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There are currently 3828 maps in the database.
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Starleague Needs Us!25 of March 2007 07:24 AM
Posted by:NastyMarine

Yes, you heard correct! is asking to create a map for the second season of the Starleague. The competition has been created and the deadline is the 10th of April for submitions. Experimental maps are not recommendated as is looking for the most balanced maps available here at bwmn. GL HF GG :)
PT24 of March 2007 03:38 AM
Posted by:PsychoTEMPlar
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who entered their maps. It was fun playing them and I enjoyed that people were actually participating. To be honest, I'd only expected like 6 enteries total.

The winner of this competition is ScoutWBF with Glimmering Cross.

Of the maps I played, this was the funnest in game. It doesn't have the flare the other maps seem to show off in their jpgs, but it plays fairly solid. One of the main reasons I really like it, is because it reminds me of a forgotten, old school style of making maps. It was that sense of a unified concept that didn't have too many fiddly bits that made the map so playable.

To the people whose map didn't win: I'm sorry but I felt that there were either inherent imbalances, the map wasn't terribly fun to play, or it just didn't rub me the right way.

Thanks again for your participation. I hope someone picks up the torch and starts their own version of this for a week. It's been fun.

MOTW 06 200719 of March 2007 10:30 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Gee Salazar didn't make a map this week and LostTampon was still in shock from his last motw, so of course our other motw maker took another one!
Congratulations Long-time mapper NastyMarine for another motw!

Ok so straight to the map, what's different about it? What makes it motw?
Well for the second question, this map obtained almost all the votes if not all of them within the first week or so the motw thing was up.

This map has *gasp* a mineral only nat! "But Nightmarjoo doesn't that make it t>z and p>t and z>p!?" Well, the main's choke is very tight, only a retard (or scout) couldn't hold that! "But doesn't that tight choke make it too easy to turtle!?" No it's unbuildable there. The expo with gas is not far away, whiny zergs can 13hatch to it, but at the same time it is fairly open and therefore keeps it from being too easy for a zerg to grab it.

The map features even paths, sadly, because Nasty doesn't know how to make a (2)map with odd paths, but! both paths are bridges! "WTF we have a whole article on why bridges suck ass if they're the only choke, isn't this imbalanced to the max!?" lol well it would, but dwebs make it harder to bunch a big army there, and a path in the very middle blocked by a mineral wall is there to allow additional movement. "But still, doesn't that keep protoss stuck on one side by tanks?" Protoss can take advantage of their ability to expo faster than terran and obtain an easy to defend expo (oh noes another bridge!) in the corner, not to mention that carriers will be strong with tight bridges, hard for terran to pursue with too many goliaths. "ZOMG Scout, a not entirely noob terran, said the map was p>t, is he just retarded or is their merit to what he's saying?" Clearly the former -.- A tight choke makes it hard to lose early game tvp, and if the mineral only nat keeps you down you can expo in the very nearby island expo, which has gas!

So ultimately, what's so great about this map? It tries something new, keeps decent balance, is well executed, and is visually very nice! Just as your votes reflected, clearly a map worthy of the esteemed title Map of the Week!

Spam the thread here, download the map here, and download obs mode here
Again, congratulations NastyMarine, for the 5th map since we hit 2000!
BWM Tourny - It has been too long15 of March 2007 07:39 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
This Sunday, the 18th, at 4:00 EST we will have a bwm tournament. Op bwmn in europe server.
Mappack: (2)CosairHangar, (4)Senza-something or rather, (2)Kumba, and (4)The Last Conflict.

We're aiming for an 8 person tournament at minimum, more people show up, we can adjust for more people no problem.

Double Elimination, best of three, best of five for the final, and all 5 games will be played in that.

For the bo5, all 4 maps will be used, and then loser bracket's choice on the 5th map.

For the bo3s, one map will be designated for the first game, after that loser picks from the map pool.

Any questions or suggestions, either leave a comment here, PM me, spam my aim (The64man) or msn (

Please note that the tourny has been rescheduled for 4 EST, 21 CET, for Scout to play and to allow more time for people to show up (3 man tourny would've been no fun).
MOTW 05 200707 of March 2007 12:02 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Well it's been a little while since our last motw was chosen, and the competition's thread isn't getting any more excitement, so it's time to pick one. The vote was leaning toward the dainty map Jade_Zone, then it became tied with Last Conflict, then another wave of votes came in for Last Conflict, making it, the winner!

Congratulations LostTampon, you sieze yet another MOTW! (perhaps because Salazar didn't make another map this week!)

So, what's good about this map to make it motw? The map features an in-base nat, as seen in bladestorm, behemoth, only the out-of-base-nat is blocked off by two neutral 5000 hp temples. 5000 is no easy egg to crack, allowing for some nice island play to go on, similarly to arkanoid, where you can choose island or land play. The map gives the players a neutral island to fight over in addition. The out of base nats feature a lowground cliff to be shot at from, and a fairly vulnerable geyser. In the inbase nat is a permamently placed dark swarm from which half the expo's mineral lines can be shot at. Who knows what kind of interesting play can arise from this swarm! Someone might complain that the inbase nat hurts terran who has weak melee units (ranged attacks miss in swarms, and burrowed units are invulnerable to all attacks), but the out of base nat gives the option to avoid the inbase one (if you're chicken!). This map is nice in that it wields used elements in a new and neat fashion which allows players to make their time, to choose how they want to play it, it allows the players to play the map not let the map play the players :) To weaken the possibly overly strong zerg, the main's gas requires 4 miners for optimum mining.

Congratulations LostTampon, previous Map of the Week winner, including author of the amazing map Avatar!
And an honourable mention to Starparty and Flothefreak for Jade_Zone

Here is The Last Conflict's thread to spam, you can download the map here, and its obs version here.

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