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Last update for (4)The Last Conflict : 2007, 03, 18 10:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1996 (4)The Last Conflict 128*128LostTampon1.4final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 72 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

aah nomad-feeling :D although its so different

mineral line in main seems a little awkward, but minor problem. well how it plays?

hmm I like it, it looks pretty zerg friendly though (z gets lings early to kill the neutral(s)_
Gas issue!
why? all need 4 drones for gas...
@mineral line: i dont see any problems with it so far

@zerglings: ya, but you also lose some eco if you build some lings so early
modified by LostTampon
What is the purpose of the neutral building at the gas nat o.O

Personally, I think in a ZvZ it will be easier for 6 to harrass 9 due to natural position (12's is very far, but 9s is close).
lol lostampon but they can't get an advantage over you if you do that, you just get your expo faster by doing that, = eco bonus; you are in no thread of being attacked because of the other neutral buildings.
about which buildings are you guys talking? ;P


okay, update again;
to bring in some diversity i added a swarm beyond each nat with following properties for each pos:

- it should not be possible to hit the nat cc from the swarm with lurx
- it should be possible for units to pass when there are lurx beneath the swarm
- only a part of the mineral line could be hit by lurx

also, you have to keep in mind, that swarms do not benefit zerg only:
- protoss: reaver and temp drops;
zerg can only defend with lurx, lings or ullis;
terran with tanks (splash->*), mines or firebats
toss by using reaver, psi, zeals or archon(*)

- terran: any kind of units can be dropped into it, rendering also the static defense useless
another advantage for terran and toss is, that rines/other units can be hidden beneath the ds against muta harrass

ok im too tired now, gn8
modified by LostTampon
lol what a boring place to put a swarm^^
imo its an interesting place - i wont place it for you somewhere in the middle of the map; and also i dont want to spam it because it is/was something new
Great map LostTampon, I like the concept, congratulations! No rushes by land will happen here. In the early to middle game this will be an island map. Of course some people can go air and drop you with something within minutes of starting the game, but still they have to find you first. This is a great map to play random.

Some suggestions:

The hit-points of the neutral buildings are huge (5000), it will take forever to destroy them. Either bring the HP down or replace them with buildings like Psi-disruptors (2000 HP).

The dark swarm is a little unreachable. You have to cross base-air territory to get to it so you might as well drop on the base. Maybe placing them in the corners will make them more accesible to someone willing to sneak by the side.

Hey, are you going to enter a map in the "spells on map contest"? Either "Dyson Sphere" or this map will do, not "Lavaborne". :^ )
modified by Lancet
ah, placing them in the corners would also be a nice idea, thx :)

okay, done

btw, i dont want to lower the hps of the buildings... i wanted this map to be some kind of semi air map :)
modified by LostTampon
These swarms look like little sandstorms ( very thematic) :D
"it will take forever to destroy them" 9pool!

lol no need to reduce hp. I do wish there was something in the middle, it's really boring atm :O
Not bad.
If the HP gets too low then it would be more of a land map, therefore necessitating a min only nat instead of gas.
I like it the way it is.

- added gas and a mineral patch the the center expos
- added obs version
modified by LostTampon
I like it :)
Very interesting
omfg this map sucks tvt, it's hard to play on ><

So I 14 cced, then went 3fact gols so if he drops/goes wraith I can be prepared for that, so he drops a tank and 2 gols in my swarm, I lose the expo, nothing I could do. Remember that scvs always miss under swarm, and I had no mines, nor did I have siege yet, and I couldn't make bats since no acad ><

ok so I immediately did a failed attack with like 10 gols on like 4 tanks =/ took my outside nat, and started massing. I never took the expo in the back back, wasn't going to lose a tank or two trying to kill a sieged tank in swarm -_-

So I lost an expo I tried to make, so I just started building and lifting expos to the map, and it was back and forth fighting with tanks/gols/vults and stuff until I finally won for having more expos and ergo more gas than he.
the dark swarm will be very useful for tank/lurker/reaver drops :O
mostly for tanks though, with their superior range and reduced dmg >_>
modified by quietidiot
so why didnt you adapt your style of play nightmarjoo
if you know that he will drop build mines/siege earlier, or try to delay your fe a bit (sidenote: tvt cant be imba because both can do the same thing)
there is always a way to counter a drop into the swarm


--dBc-Nightmarjoo vs dbc-chard(1on1, 1.14p)

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