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Last update for (3)Dreaming Solaris : 2007, 02, 13 22:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1998 (3)Dreaming Solaris 128*128DeSade0.4beta

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first upload. Dont know if balanced and stuff so dont be too harsh. ;)
modified by DeSade
Welcome to bwm :)

Ok, I see a few things here you could improve.
The nats have no choke, so they'll be hard to defend, especially with such an open middle. Also, because of how they've been placed they are in the way of pathing: that is to say that troops leaving the main will run into the mining workers and the building itself.

Gas issue, there are two articles in our articles section explaining it, essentially top and left gas mine the fastest, the other positions need 4 miners to mine optimally, so place teal's gas on top or left to balance that.

I don't think at this point you can fix it, but there is a lot of unused space. In the future try and use more of the map :)

The middle is very open, this tends to favour zerg and protoss against terran (z>p z>t p>t). I suggest you tighten it up, perhaps make a tripod in the middle with three expos or something. That will make the middle strategically usefull and not so open.

I like the highground expos. For positional balance there are a couple things I suggest you look for. Make sure the sizes of the bases are relatively the same, make sure the distance from base to base is relatively the same (so make sure the distance from blue's starting location to his choke is the same or close to that of red's starting location to red's choke; check distance from red to blue blue to teal teal to red etc. Make sure those highground expos are the same in size and distance from their corresponding player; so try and get the distance from blue to the expo between him and teal is the same or close to that of the distance between teal and the expo between him and blue. Sorry if that got confusing^^

There are three players and two islands, I'm honestly not sure if that is a problem at all. Just make sure the air distance from the players to those islands is the same.

By no means a bad map; just try and make sure first and foremost that the map is positionally balanced, make sure it's ok racially (I think racially it'll be fine when it's tightened up a little and the positional balance is good), then make sure pathing is fine (in this case I think just the nats obstruct pathing, otherwise it's fine I think).

Feel free to ask questions, I would be happy to clarify, I'm sure what I said was probably pretty confusing at times :)
At first i have to remark the great support at this site!
My map and forum posts where replied instantly.

To your comment:
I considerd some of the things you describe (race balance, distances, expo design)when i made this map .Nevertheless I eventually wanted to post a map here though the layout of this one gave me some troubles.
But thanks for your tips.Especially the gas-placement thing was new to me.
Im looking forward to post some more maps soon.

lol I think you just got lucky that everyone was on then^^

no problem for tips, happy I could help.

I look forward to you posting more maps soon as well :)

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