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Think Quick Map Contest ($100 prize)

deadline to enter maps: 2013, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)

(NO MAP DEADLINE YET 11/3/2020) (Site won't let me create a deadline submission post-2013 for some reason :O )

ox[tQ] from team Think Quick is planning to organize a small $ map contest and accept submissions. Winner would get $100!!!
Map requirement = standard/comfortable/simple, 2-4 players, very similar to sylphid, eclipse or polypoid, balanced and bug-free as much as possible. Option to edit old map on BWMN site possible (if it meets above criteria).

Winning map would be automatically included on Team Think Quick - Maps of the month pool. It could potentially be featured in the second round robin tournament the team hosts (details about our first one can be found:

Ox will try to create a matcherino in case a few individuals want to add to the $100 prize. If winner wanted too, his map and prize money could also potentially go to CasterMuse and be played on by Korean progamers in his Star League sometime, provided this was arranged. If any mappers here are interested in the map contest, join our discord (See details below) and engage with us in our 'show map talk' channel. We will figure out the submission, deadline and evaluation processes together in the coming weeks ahead. For now, just keep mapping with this event in mind!

Discord invite:
(Let me know if the link needs udating)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)

The deadline to enter maps is over.

Use this link to join our discord:

The submission deadline will be end of January 2021. Each mapper will be allowed three submissions. Each one should be as standard/comfortable/simple as possible. The maps should be like popular, mainstream maps (e.g. sylphid, eclipse, polypoid) which most foreigners (and Koreans) enjoy adapting their builds/strategies to.

Until the final submission date, interested contestants are encouraged to propose their maps to other interested contestants (and non contestants) to receive feedback (on ways to make their maps more standard, balanced and bug-free).

the important goal to keep in mind is creating a submission and evaluation process that can be copied in the future so that we can turn this into a map contest series (e.g., carry out 2-3 small contests annually). Now the map requirements could change but the overall format would be repeated.

The overriding goal would really be to stimulate the serious melee map making community outside of the BWMN site by bringing mappers together via small map contests whereby they 1) create new maps tailored to meet specific requirements, 2) provide each other with constructive feedback, 3) gain competition experience, 4) get their maps featured in our show match series, 5) gain exposure and possibly more opportunities to feature their maps in other events (e.g., STPL); 5) learn how to effectively serve as objective judges/evaluators, and 6) co-administrate a contest event.

When the official submission deadline approaches (end of January 2021), we will accept maps that meet the minimum requirements (i.e., standard and relatively bug-free) which mappers had at least 3 months to meet.

Once the appropriate submissions are accepted, we will officially evaluate all of them through TL voting/feedback, showmatch player feedback/votes and finally votes/evaluation from fellow mappers (map contestants and perhaps non contestant mappers).

Evaluation process

-Feedback from interested community members from Team Liquid SC forum. People can comment and vote on the maps submitted

-Hand picked showmatch players from our discord will test out all submitted maps and evaluate them (via a system we will devise)

-Mapping community members will evaluate the maps (via a system we will devise)

For deciding final winner, we could make it so that:

-25% of selection determined by TL community members
-25% of selection determined by showmatch players
-50% of selection determined by mapping community members
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