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Forum - sc2
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Section for adding starcraft 2 galaxy editor creations of any sort (melee,eye candy terrain)
2013, 04, 24 18:51
My second attempt at mapping for starcraft 2

Uploaded with

Map size 128x128
Players 2

modified by LasTCursE
2013, 04, 24 18:53
And some eye candy ^^

Uploaded with
2013, 04, 24 19:47
Enlarged, redesigned and heavily edited Steppes of War (probably my best map so far):

modified by NegativeZero
2013, 05, 01 00:13
Work in progress SC2 remake of Freakling's Oxide - I don't really like the aesthetics so I might completely redo them if I ever finish this.

modified by NegativeZero
2013, 05, 01 00:34
That looks really good :D You should go submit that into the tournamanet map making!
2013, 05, 01 02:54
Steppes of war is one of my favourite blizzard maps period so i love your remake xDd <3

The second map looks kidna confusing looking it from the top with the circles at everysingle expo
Further mre i find it having way too much tiny paths, may be you should combine some of them and make larger ones for bigger armyes and stil keep some small ones for harrass :)
2013, 05, 01 09:50
Diabolic Plateau (which negative zero has seen already ^^) but i upload it for the other guys as well :P

It's my latest and first serious attempt to make a good map not just jerk around with editor stuff : )

Uploaded with
2013, 05, 01 09:52
Based on Overwatch, obviously.
Full imgur album

modified by NegativeZero
2013, 10, 27 07:11
Ah, where three-way 3rd bases are perfectly acceptable...
2013, 10, 30 22:52
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