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Forum - sc2
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Soo.. This came up in my TL mailbox..

And... I am Heavily considering it..
modified by CrystalDrag
2013, 05, 15 02:26
I support monitor you definetly should ^^
2013, 05, 19 20:52
Where did you download the SCII you have?
"Well i DOWNLOADED it today and still get everything except the multiplayer part for free :D i don't find it worth the 40 euro they want for it.. but some of the new stuff in the editor are pretty as fuck o.O :D"

2013, 05, 21 03:34 This torrent, but i already have bought wings of liberty before that.. altho from what i know it should work as a standalone as well so you proubably don't need WOL :
2013, 05, 22 13:08
It doesnt open for me..
2013, 05, 23 04:28 try this link
2013, 05, 24 08:17
do it! or even better, we can work together and you can finish up the tons of deco-less WIP sc2 maps i'm too lazy to finish :D
2013, 06, 19 22:56
I suck with decoration the most XD
2013, 06, 22 01:35
CD if you make any maps please make some ()) maps, there haven't been any (3) maps in the map pool since like 2011!

Testbug was used for a while until people found out it was imbaimbaimba, and the last (3) map was called xelnaga something and that didn't stay long either.
2013, 07, 28 07:30
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