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Last update for (4)Magic Eye : 2020, 11, 07 20:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2 (4)Magic Eye 128*128panschk[FP]0.7final

The map has been rated 71 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

First of all, it's the wrong tileset ^^

Those straight cliffs don't fit to jungle terrain, you better use space terrain for straight lines.
And i don't get the idea of the minerals on the fly-onlys, but that's not a big deal ^^
last thing is that the westside isn't as pretty as the eastside, but again, just a small issue.
I still like this one, no matter what you say. TvZ might be imbalanced on some positions, as playing FE, even a 3 hatch style, might be too risky.
Visually, I agree with Lis. The straight lines doesn't work for me, though I know they are done on purpose. Also, I don't like the mineral placement on the islands.

I believe the map is pretty balanced, though, and probably quite fun. I don't see zerg having too many probs on this map, other than in tvz. Your 2nd exp can be hard to secure as terran can contain you, and then hit your natural with siege fire from the adjecent nat exp. That's a serious handicap imo.
The map gave me a bit of a Gaia feeling with the base placement. I have not trouble with the design, it is never noticed in game anyways. hard fast expansions though :P but that is so common and individual from map to map that it isnt even worth commenting :P (oh my, i just did..) to say something of use at all, i too agree with the minerals on island, "what were you thinking!?" :D
I wanted some strange mineral placement. You will need some micro managing your workers :D
Yeah im really looking forward to that....
I think this format is throwaway as a 4 player map. Too simple, nothing really to keep here. You could turn it into a very cool 2 player map though (corner vs corner).
i think it's supposed to be a take off on guillotine. when i first saw it, i was like, finally someone who uses high jungle as the main land. i did a smaller, joke 96x64 2 player map like that (not racially balanced at all) and it was a good look. i think the raised jungle takes away from this look though.
the dentist
hey flo what do you think of this one?
Why do you keep commenting on random outdated maps?
the dentist
well on this map, for one thing, flo is going around saying to delete new maps because he doesn't like them.

so why doesn't he start with these maps instead?
Well, because these are old maps. These maps were made back in like April of 2005. Back then our skills weren't very elite. Had this been something just released a few days or weeks ago, then yes even I would want something like this deleted. But again, this is an old map. Our standards back then were very different, and "low."

Maps like these serve as a person's memory book; it can bring you back to the days of how noobish your maps looked :D

And also, it's panschk's dictatorship site. He does w/e he wants with his maps I guess.
modified by MillenniumArmy
the dentist
well the rest of us should prefer the worst maps be deleted first. if we had the balls to do that i'm sure he'd agree. stop sucking up.
panschk is no dictator. he owns the site, but he's a very kind and friendly guy - and he is definetly not a selfish bastard. thats my part anyway!
Holy crap you guys are ancient I didn't even know Starcraft existed back then O____o nice to see how much the skill level has improved since way back then and to know the sites been active for so long xD sorry I just had to bump this cuz it was so old...and it's kinda one of those quiet periods rn...
Ya for sure. When BWMN was started, the popular maps in the foreign scene were Lost Temple, Blade Storm, Enter the Dragon... Stuff like that. I think the most advanced map in that time was Ride of the Valkaries, and that might have been released either a little after or before. Most pro maps did not focus much on decoration, so neither did amateur maps. Back then it was a lot about ideas and gameplay. Understanding the current trends in the game, and how you wanted to encourage them to change. These days decoration comes before gameplay and innovation. These days understanding the trends of the game and how the map actually affects them is also a lot harder, especially for those who haven't achieved a decent level of skill.

I miss those days a lot, because the mappers who came here from SEN all played our maps together. These days it is hard to organize anything with people from BWMN, since they are often too embarrassed and won't play on a regular basis / more than 1-2 games. Back then if you had ego, you were at least willing to play a bunch of games with people. Then you became friends and admitted you're actually bad hahaha... Those were really good times.
Dammit i feel like I missed the best years of brood war
Re-uploaded to test upload still works...
panschk helloooo
For anyone reading this comment, please consider joining the BWMN discord server:

Our series is also hosting a map contest in case any mappers here (new or old) want to participate in it as contestants or as judges. Here's a link to our discord:

I also encourage anyone who has admins privileges to please post a link to the BWMN discord community on the home page of and let people know about various opportunities for mappers (e.g., STPL, ASL, Think Quick show match series, etc.).
modified by ox[tQ]

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