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Last update for (4)Largo_1.1 : 2021, 10, 06 21:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5062 (4)Largo_1.1 128*128LatiAs0.1finalground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Long time no see. I almost done my military service haha.
Someone request me for new 4 players 'standard' map, and the result is this, Largo. XD

BTW, I saw concern of Korean map makers losing New informations because intothemap amd mapdori shut down. However there is map makers' private chatting, including Waldstein(Crossing Field, Sparkle), Seopport(Sunburst, Circulator), and many Intothemap-Expert map makers. (Not here Str18-02 and EarthAttack but we can communicate by message.)

Though these members are not talking only Starcraft (In fact, we love many games like LOL, PUBG, HS, FM...), but when we making maps, we notice of many your issues(pathfinding, new scmdraft2 etc.) and share informations.
So, don't you worry much about Korean map makers! :)
Have you got a bigger picture? This one looks like it has been scaled up and down a few times.

Good to hear some info is seeping through.
modified by Freakling
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modified by LatiAs
Thatís great to hear LatiAs! Iíve always been worried about the Korean mapmaking scene since it seemed so lively and all of a sudden it looked like it died off.

Great to hear you will be done with military soon, maybe you will make more maps now :)
Map looks great, symmetry is nice. Pretty standard so I donít see any glaring issues. I usually prefer some other tile set when it comes to maps with big portions of high ground but this one is okay. Will have to take a look in the editor I suppose
So after having a closer look at mineral layouts, pathfinding regions and some in-gamne confirmation:
  • 12 o'clock 3rd: Workers migrate through the gap between patches 1 and 2 (clockwise) due to the cascaded mineral layout around it
  • 1 o'clock minonly: 1st patch worker path is not straight and unstable. Straight vertical region borders flush with the resource depot edge are generally to be avoided.
  • 5 o'clock nat: patch 2 worker path is not straight, the reason being that the direct path to the region the patch belongs to is blocked by patch 1. It's a more convulated variant of the flush border issue I mentioned for 2 o'clock
  • 8 o'clock main: Patch 2 has a metastable mining path that goes behind the mineral line. Unlike the the other ones, this one not an actual problem because it is self-fixing through worker migration, but it requires some player intervention early on and is also the kind of bug that players are almost guaranteed to run into and that is blatantly obvious enough for them to complain about.

modified by Freakling
I remember we talked about this map being a TvsP nightmare and now since it is in ladder we can see players saying the same thing.

I wish the mineral only was a little easier to defend because it currently is not a very viable 3rd base for defensive T.

Other than that, map seems to play great aside from when T wants to take the min only as their third..
modified by Minerals
I'd try and put the mineral only more into a nook between the main and 3rd, and move the wide ramp further away from it so an attacking army cannot completely engulf the base on the high ground.
Could also split up that ramp into two smaller ones.
Maybe move the 3rd closer to the nat.
I think splitting the big ramp to allow some defense at min only could be nice.

I enjoy the big open center.
What about removing some of the unbuildable rocks?

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