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Last update for (2)Scarabee4.7 : 2021, 03, 15 10:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5268 (2)Scarabee4.7 otherJoJo5.0finalground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This map has came a long ways! Great job man, its almost ready for some show matches!

Consider moving the center ramps to the 3/9 bases towards the town halls, opening up the center rocky area a bit. Might need that room for TvsP max battles.

Also consider adding a base the dead space ground area towards the center from the pocket naturals.

Try making more efficient mineral and gas placements as well. It is a really hard cookie to tackle, but everything is covered by master Freakling here:
I would suggest using the original normal sized ramp for the top right. That newer small looking ramp can be deceiving.
Thanks a lot for your inputs :) !
Some thoughts about the layout:

Main and size and shaping deserves some consideration. the more rectangular they are the easier it is for players to place their buildings in them fr the most part. Consider where players would want to put what in a game.
If nothing in the layout really forces you to do otherwise, having mineral lines to the sides and the Geyser on top of the SL is generally the preferred, most comfortable resource layout for most players.

You definitely need to give Zerg a way to defend the main ramp. The best way to do this, is usually by using "Outland Colonies", works best though if the entrance is horizontal from the spawn point.

More than two mineral onlies on a 2p map are generally not a good idea. Neither are gas only expos.

It's not terrible on this map, but 2p maps should have a heavy focus on distinct path design over just open areas. Try to get a feeling for how units move around the map and how they interact with the different terrain elements and how the terrain works together as a whole. It's hard to explain absolute objectively, but there should be a strong feeling of intend behind everthing you use in your design, not just a "just because I can" feeling. What's really the purpose behind the curved ramps here?

You should also pay careful attention to the width and location of all the entrances to your expos and consider how they affect each race.
modified by Freakling
Thanks for comment! :)
Without there being a base in front of the main ramp any more, all the next to that area do is constrict available middle space. Just get rid of them and use the gained space to rework your pathing concept for the centre area.

Those look like simple "naked" Creep Colonies, which is a bad idea as they prevent P/T wall-ins.
Oh thanks!
How do I make them none naked ?
They need to be placed on unbuildable ground to prevent automatic Creep generation. However, they also need to have overlapping Creep areas with the initial Hatch to allow Creep spread to the choke.
Hmm.. so in other words the ramp needs to be even closer? if I'm going to use colonys
Basically creeps are hard to do if you dont know how to do them (I don't myself).
One way you would fix this is make the ramp a normal or double ramp size so it is more possible to hold as a Z. I dont feel a 3rd hatch at a ramp for creep is unrealistic in this setting, especially with todays ZvT meta. And in ZvP, Zergs would likely get the third gas base as well.
Well, if you had planned the layout ahead with these considerations in mind, you'd just have had it rotated by 90 ;D

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