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Last update for (4)Dies Iræ_1.02 : 2021, 01, 31 11:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4716 (4)Dies Iræ_1.02 128*128Freakling0.1betaground

The map has been rated 285 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

No one comenting? Well, I guess I'll just go ahead and post my own thoughts so far on this one:

It's obivously a new implementation of the Lucid Dream natural layout.

I felt that axial symmetry was better suited for this kind of natural, to avoid rotaional imbalance (although just amking it rotational and make the front mineral only defend the main ramp would be another variation, but, I think, the more boring one).

The middle is designed to increase nat to nat distance by having some kind of obstacle between the ramps, althought I think that needs to be forther improved.

However, no matter what, 9-pools and other early agression will be strong an prevalent, so I made the main ramps wallable with only one rax and a depot and the marines spawning inside the main for all positions. Not sure if keeping the vision blockers is a good idea, but either way the main ramps are more or less placeholers for now, they definitely need some overhaul, maybe I will makke them curved or something. I defnitely want to keep them wide, thought, to allow easy macro and prevent easy contains on the ramp.
The sunken colonies only spread creep if there is a hatch in the main, obviously.

I also added muta clifss behind the naturals, but with the short air distances and the need to also turret up at the main choke I think mutas could actually be too strong right now.

The 6 o'clock expo is obviously still missing a geyser and two mineral patches, but those will be added when I resacale it to 128x128 (it's 128x126 "working size" right now).

So as far as my further planning goes:

- make the 3/9 3rds high ground with narrow ramps, mabe add some vision blocking stuff or ovi cliffs.
- Work on the middle to make rush distances as long as possible
- maybe add some curveiness to the long middle and main ramps, because it looks a bit bland at the moment
- make the mains bigger, because they defintely could be
- maybe reduce the muta cliffs behind the nats and move them closer to the corners, which would also help with main space
- move the main ramps further north/south to improve rush distances. I don't want the mineral only to act as a second nat, but there is enought free space there to do this. This will also help increasing main space and will hopefully also help pathfinding (currently it's quite easy to get stuck behind the mineral only, unfortunately)
- I think I will add a vision blocker wall with enough space to build a spotting pylon/depot behind the mineral only and add enough unbuildable ground that you cannot take it from the inside efficiently. Or would it be better to allow players to go for the safe option and add add vivion blockers directly below the minerals, so it's not as easy to snipe workers from the outside? Not sure yet.

Overall scout/rush paths should go to the middle (if you send them directly to another main).
Honestly my eyes just can't distinguish anything on ash terrIn
Nice, and very interesting.
not your classic type of map :) , that cool.
Why did u choose this type of symmetry?
Seems like vertical spawns have both a shorter direct distance between the main entrances and a less impeded path through the center, so rush distances for these spawns will be especially short. Good job blocking the direct path between horizontal spawns though.
Except for some fine tuning I consider this the final layout, so now would be a good time to point out your thoughts, before I start decorating it.
There is not much to comment on. Except Red and Teal appears to have a little more space outside of the main ramp. May just be me though.
Could make the vertical paths from the middle to the 12 and 6 as large as possible, ie fill in the clutter with walkable high ground?
Would probably only help terran siege the low ground...
Nice ramps and stuff!
Good choice to add small ramps at 12 and 6.
They've always been there. Otherwise the whole mineral only/backdoor thingy would be mostly inaccessible.
Ah yes, my mistake.
Version 0.99 for upcoming BWCL KOK tournament
  • Pushed naturals to the corners to gain more space
  • Reshaped mains to make building and defending the choke a bit easier
  • Moved vision blockers away from main chokes to form a more forward ark now
  • General rebalancing and fixing of pathing

modified by Freakling
cool concept!
whats the point of the tree sprites?
Vision blockers. The sprites are just to make them obvious to the players (SC2-style).
oh thats cool!!
Update to version 1.01:
  • Finished deco
  • Pathfinding debugged
  • Updated ramps using 1.22 new ramp tiles to fix/improve how they look in HD graphics.
  • Changed formations at the mineral onlies to facilitate easier pushing through of units by stacking with a worker.

modified by Freakling
Really like the spore map!
I think you should consider naming this “Spore” :D

Honestly I really like the spores, specially how they spread no creep when they don’t see a hatchery. How did you come up with that?

On a side note, I do see this being a bit challenging for T on TvP cross spawns. Large middle a lot of flanking room.. they can Sauron you pretty hard imo
I know you added some tight passages but as long as P evades fighting in those...

Love map tho
This map is being featured in Team Think Quick's Best of the Best Tour:
modified by ox[tQ]
Update: Version 1.02:
  • Various layout changes to increase rushing distances
  • Added various Overlord spots around the map
  • Subsequent pathfinding fixes
  • Decoration updates

modified by Freakling

--cryoc vs dragon(1on1, 1.15)
--cryoc vs dragon(1on1, 1.15)
-- vs (1on1, 1.15)
--alm vs grimeboss(1on1, 1.15)
--ample vs dewalt(1on1, 1.15)
--ample vs dewalt(1on1, 1.15)
--ample vs dewalt(1on1, 1.15)

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