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MOTW 05 200707 of March 2007 12:02 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Well it's been a little while since our last motw was chosen, and the competition's thread isn't getting any more excitement, so it's time to pick one. The vote was leaning toward the dainty map Jade_Zone, then it became tied with Last Conflict, then another wave of votes came in for Last Conflict, making it, the winner!

Congratulations LostTampon, you sieze yet another MOTW! (perhaps because Salazar didn't make another map this week!)

So, what's good about this map to make it motw? The map features an in-base nat, as seen in bladestorm, behemoth, only the out-of-base-nat is blocked off by two neutral 5000 hp temples. 5000 is no easy egg to crack, allowing for some nice island play to go on, similarly to arkanoid, where you can choose island or land play. The map gives the players a neutral island to fight over in addition. The out of base nats feature a lowground cliff to be shot at from, and a fairly vulnerable geyser. In the inbase nat is a permamently placed dark swarm from which half the expo's mineral lines can be shot at. Who knows what kind of interesting play can arise from this swarm! Someone might complain that the inbase nat hurts terran who has weak melee units (ranged attacks miss in swarms, and burrowed units are invulnerable to all attacks), but the out of base nat gives the option to avoid the inbase one (if you're chicken!). This map is nice in that it wields used elements in a new and neat fashion which allows players to make their time, to choose how they want to play it, it allows the players to play the map not let the map play the players :) To weaken the possibly overly strong zerg, the main's gas requires 4 miners for optimum mining.

Congratulations LostTampon, previous Map of the Week winner, including author of the amazing map Avatar!
And an honourable mention to Starparty and Flothefreak for Jade_Zone

Here is The Last Conflict's thread to spam, you can download the map here, and its obs version here.

congratz LostTampon
tx :D
Great map, really like it nice work tampon ('.^)
"perhaps because Salazar didn't make another map this week!"
lol xD gg LostTampon :)
100% i will try it, looks amazing!

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