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There are currently 3659 maps in the database.
There were 52263 comments posted and 3265 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -165,058.2 .
5 newest maps:
(8)Sacred Geometry
(2)Arctic Harbor_0.2
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iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
Scan; yOon vs babo; Dandy on (4)Charmander0.83
Depleted vs ash.Dreamer on (4)Charmander0.83
Winner of SPs Random MapCompetition #1!19 of August 2005 11:41 AM
Posted by:Starparty

The first SP Random Mapcontest had closed its deadline, which was yesterday 23.59, and today i have decided the winner! :)

There were a few submissions actually, and all of them seemed fun and good, but there was one who stood out a bit more. By skipping the traditional groundmap concept, and making a traditional island map instead, travin took home the game with his map "(3)Dirz". The motivation would simply be that none of the other maps managed to balance up the positions as good as Travin did with Dirz because since it is an island map its kinda hard to fail ;) He made the better call and he took home the prize :)

Next competition will be up soon!

Reminder: 2on2 mapcontest17 of August 2005 01:06 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I just want to make sure everyone who uploads a map to the DB, wanting to participate in the mapcontest actually does. Don't forget to submit it to the mapcontest, just being in the database is not enough. 6 Maps is the limit for one user.
to the 2on2 mapcontest
TO ALL USERS16 of August 2005 07:12 PM
Posted by:Starparty
This is directed toward all the users of

We, the creator and the "admins" of this site, are very happy that we are beginning to recieve alot of response on this site. Many new mapmakers are uploading his/her maps to make our database grow even bigger and more varied.
However there is a few thing we must ask of You.

We can not possibly answer to every map that gets posted if every author uploads 10 maps each at a time. "But half of my maps are finnished anyway" You might think. I'm gonna say this trying not to sound like a total ass.

The "User-Final" category is for US to determine when a map is good enough to be called final. Even if You might consider your map final, it doesn't mean that this site will regard it like that. If Your map doesn't look and play as the already finnished maps, please don't hesitate to put your map as final. Put it as a beta and we'll discuss it through.

To avoid this problem, don't upload your entire collected work at a time. Upload your favourite map and we will have a good discussion about that one. Perhaps its good as it is, perhaps we can give you suggestions on things to change or tweak. This way everyone has more fun and the maps will be considered more instead of just being "one of many".

If anyone feels guilty, don't go and start removing maps. First of you can't :P Second, whats done is done and let's try to do the best out of it. Its not like its a crisis, it's just a matter of functionality. Just keep this in mind the next time You have a bunch of maps You want everyone to know about.

/Starparty admin
2on2 League and mapcontest15 of August 2005 03:56 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
As there are no real 2on2 Leagues anymore, and I remember enjoying playing on a lot back in the days, I want to make a new try of establishing a 2on2 league. People who now me some time know that it is not my first try, but I still do not want to give up;)
It will be very small leagues with only 6 teams, I will try to make sure all teams that register take it serious, so that there will not be too many walkovers. If anyone wants to help me with the organisation, it would be good, as I do not know how long I can motivate myself to doing it alone. The script is rather raw, but it works, and that is what matters.

I was thinking of 20:00 CET on monday as the date for the matches, if a majoritiy wants another date, I could change my mind:)

Before any games are played, we need a mapcontest (we are at after all^^). The mappack will consist of exactly 6 (six) maps, 3 classics (I was thinking of Lost temple, incubus and nostalgia) and three user maps, two land and one island map.
The deadline for submissions to the contest is in one week. You can get to the contest page here.
MOTW 3315 of August 2005 11:57 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

The map of the week for week 33 is (4)Aphrodite 1.0 by MillenniumArmy.

"It didn't take many maps to see that "MA" knows what he is doing"

MilleniumArmy is one of the latest mapmakers to join our ranks as a frequent user on this page! (We welcome You with open arms! ;)). He has been one of the more active users in the Meleesection of, but since that section unfortunately seems to slowly fade away, we have had the very great pleasure of seeing him here alot lately (and further on we hope!)

It didn't take many maps to see that "MA" knows what he is doing. With a great blend of decoration and positional balance, his maps are rock-solid pieces of art. The Map of the Week 33 proves exactly that. With a mix of gaia'ish features togheter with the tactical aspect of several islands and beautiful design, he has definitely earned this award!

So here we present to you, The Map of the Week 33, named after the greek goddess of love: (4)Aphrodite

Edited by: Starparty


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