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There are currently 3826 maps in the database.
There were 51412 comments posted and 3408 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -164,048.0 .
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SPs Random MapCompetition #111 of August 2005 11:49 AM
Posted by:Starparty

OK, Just a random competition for anyone who doesn't have anything else to do :) Perhaps it will be popular with time so we gotta start somewhere! ;)

Here are the rules:

* 3 Startlocations (Yes, you read right, 3)
* maps must be NEW, no creations before this post are permitted
* Tilesets allowed are Ice and Desert.
* Original design, meaning both fresh, and normal (no Panschk-techno-playground-shit <3)
* 1 submission per contestant ONLY. No fake names please ;P

other than that you're free to do w.e you want. Islands, semi islands or ground maps does not matter. There will be a plus if the map is StarEdit only although not neccesary at all, but if you can do the same sollution in StarEdit just as beautiful as You can do with StarForge, prefer StarEdit for this competition.

The only prize i can award will be that the winning map will have my vote for the next MotW :)

DEADLINE 2005-08-18, That is next thursday!
Good Luck and i hope you'll participate just for the fun of it :)

I will personally decide the winner.


DEADLINE11 of August 2005 09:07 AM
Posted by:Starparty
The BlizzCon submissions is now officially supposed to be over, although no updates has been made on their page. I hope You all managed to send in the maps You wanted, I believe I did the right choises anyway.

If You are interested in doing so, you could now post your maps on this page and we'll make a little compendium where You can see everyone esles submissions, and then we can discuss and crown the winner in theory :)

And for all those who cares I can also anounce that Me and Empyrean will also be releasing our final submission, "Götterdämmerung", tonight. We believe that map to have great potential and we hope that You will like as much as we do!

So, post your maps and we'll display them all here! Atleast I am very interested in Your choises of maps! :)
***REMINDER***10 of August 2005 12:03 AM
Posted by:Starparty
The BlizzCon submissions deadline is tomorrow at 11.59 PM PST - that is 7.59 CET on thursday morning (GMT+1). Be sure to submit all of your maps before then. Instructions are availiable at

Good luck!

Edit: Corrected the time :P
MotW #3209 of August 2005 01:18 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

The Map of the week 32, the 4th map to get MotW honors on is Technetium by boongee. The map is pretty classic and simple, but the concept has been used very well by boongee. It reminds me of a two player Blade Storm, a map where nice big battles should take place.

This map was originally made for the Team Liquid Mapcontest held by this previous winter, thus making it the first Map of the Week which has already been published. However we believe it is such a good map that it should be featured here anyway (We are still debating about however we should choose the "best maps" or the "best maps - released the current week).

The mapcompetition was originally a great event that suddenly seemed to fade away when the final maps were chosen by the users of Techneticum won that poll, and since nothing else was stated after that, I personally consider this map to be the winner of that contest. There were some other very powerful submissions in that contest and bongee made a great job in eliminating the competition. Funny Fact: The map was named Space Debris until bongee realized that the name was taken by a Blizzard classic :)

Thereby we present: Map of the Week #32 - Technetium by bongee

Go to comment page for technetium or download Melee or Obs right here!


For MOTW 33 and motw to come, we will use the "mapcontest" script I made today. In the first days of the week you can enter maps to the contest, and afterwards there is a public discussion. I did not make any public poll, because it is too easy to abuse.
Great replay!08 of August 2005 09:41 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Yesterday i was surfing around the map database and noticed that Kabumm had uploaded a new replay vs Wasted on Space pirates. Well since i made the map I just had to see it and it turns out to be the most entertaining game ive seen this year! I think this game answers the question about the balance PvT on the map.

The game was a 1h+ PvT (as you might have guessed) and it starts with a strong terran push eventually forced back by carrier-ground combo. Kabumm also shows some great skills with distruption web and eventually the game turns to a quite interesting deadlock when both players loose their main base ;)

This is, in my opinion, a must see - specially if you like Space Pirates. I believe it is a great evidence of what this map is capable of!

Download: Kabumm vs Wasted - P vs T on Space Pirates


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