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MotW #3209 of August 2005 01:18 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

The Map of the week 32, the 4th map to get MotW honors on is Technetium by boongee. The map is pretty classic and simple, but the concept has been used very well by boongee. It reminds me of a two player Blade Storm, a map where nice big battles should take place.

This map was originally made for the Team Liquid Mapcontest held by this previous winter, thus making it the first Map of the Week which has already been published. However we believe it is such a good map that it should be featured here anyway (We are still debating about however we should choose the "best maps" or the "best maps - released the current week).

The mapcompetition was originally a great event that suddenly seemed to fade away when the final maps were chosen by the users of Techneticum won that poll, and since nothing else was stated after that, I personally consider this map to be the winner of that contest. There were some other very powerful submissions in that contest and bongee made a great job in eliminating the competition. Funny Fact: The map was named Space Debris until bongee realized that the name was taken by a Blizzard classic :)

Thereby we present: Map of the Week #32 - Technetium by bongee

Go to comment page for technetium or download Melee or Obs right here!


For MOTW 33 and motw to come, we will use the "mapcontest" script I made today. In the first days of the week you can enter maps to the contest, and afterwards there is a public discussion. I did not make any public poll, because it is too easy to abuse.
Great replay!08 of August 2005 09:41 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Yesterday i was surfing around the map database and noticed that Kabumm had uploaded a new replay vs Wasted on Space pirates. Well since i made the map I just had to see it and it turns out to be the most entertaining game ive seen this year! I think this game answers the question about the balance PvT on the map.

The game was a 1h+ PvT (as you might have guessed) and it starts with a strong terran push eventually forced back by carrier-ground combo. Kabumm also shows some great skills with distruption web and eventually the game turns to a quite interesting deadlock when both players loose their main base ;)

This is, in my opinion, a must see - specially if you like Space Pirates. I believe it is a great evidence of what this map is capable of!

Download: Kabumm vs Wasted - P vs T on Space Pirates

Design update03 of August 2005 12:50 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
In my opinion, the twilight-backgrounds look quite cool. With all those graphics, the loading time is longer of course. Do you think it is still fast enough even with modem? I don't want to make a DSL+ only page, like so many others on the net.

Another change is that after writing your first comment or forum post, you should not have to write your name everytime again. This is only for one session though, so if you write a comment a few hours after your last one, you would have to enter the name again. I hope that this works on most systems (everything involving cookies and sessions seems to be highly depending on the user's systems), it works on my PC at least.
MOTW Number 302 of August 2005 01:56 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

We are behind by one day, but we still present you the map of the week number 3. It's the first four-player map to get motw honors on

This MotW in highlight is The Great Divide 4 by Tuy. Tuy is a great mapmaker who puts effort in making his maps as playable and fun as possible! What he lacks in multitude he gains in dedication and his maps are very thought through!

(4)The great Divide 4 is a nice combination of innovation, starforge/scmdraft fancyness and playability. The mainbases are located on low twilight dirt, but the middle is on high ground. The gameplay on the map is highly depending on the starting locations the players get, but it seems to me they are always well balanced. I had a couple of games today on the map, and all players agreed that it is a very good map.

So here it is! The Map of the Week 31 - The Great Divide 4 by x8_Tuy!

Download melee, or visit the comment page for "the great Divide 4"

GMCS - Graphical Map Comment System30 of July 2005 08:12 PM
Posted by:Starparty
Since Panschk posted the thread in the forum (thus making it official), i thought it could be a nice newspost for all those who doesn't visit the forums as frequently as I do :)

Have You visited a map comments section recently and wondered what the text "GMCS(beta)" meant? Panschk has developed a new system on the page which he calles the GMCS - Graphical Map Comment System. This is a tool which can be very helpful when commenting maps if You want to point out a specific area on the map which needs modification.

The idea is that by using different marks You can pinpoint out areas on an image of the map in question. Then the maker of that map can browse this picture and see the spots You marked and read the comments you added to those spots. The idea is brilliant! Though be aware that the system is still under construction and Panschk is still trying to figure out good ways of reducing the loading time of the system (although I personally surf on a 56k and actually have no problems at all loading it).

We hope that this system will be usefull and we ecourage You to start using it! Please report in the forum if you find out any bugs or other problems with it!

GMCS Forum thread - Report bugs here!

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