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Last update for (4)Bunny Cool : 2005, 08, 12 12:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
289 (4)Bunny Cool 128*128Bbbut0.7final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (7 elements)

I made this map with SE only (took me ages).
I'm planing on entering the contest with it.
comments are very welcome :D
I dont like that main base an be sieged from that min only, and the bunny in the center should be made of ground doodad, not trees :) it makes too much of an obstacle as it is now.

Also open up the center a bit. balance the expos. as it is now the right 2 bases can take their first natural way easier than the left side bases.

I only commented REDs base in the GMCS, but the comments are in general and applyes to -all positions-
Thanks for the suggestions.

Hmm, I will try out other doodads, but on a side note, trees are _least_ obstacle. ;)

On the other issues you had, I have to say, most of them are intended.
As zerg you are not supposed to do one hatch fast expo.
I tested differnt width for the passage from middle to natural, trust me it is wide enough.
And the "build in" expo is the main feature of this map (it's the only creative part). :(

Anyway thanks again
The bunny in the heart is cute :]

Also, I'm afraid what will happen in TvP. Looks like Terran get tiny narrow passages, which means breaking pushes is going to be hell. For Protoss I mean.
What the ... Why did he chopped off the "ool"???
Oh, now it's right again :)

He showed only "(4)Bunny C" some moment ago...
Don't forget to name the File (4)Bunny Cool(n).scx instead of (4)Bunny Cool.scx. The last 7 characters of the file name are cut off, because the (n) is not really part of the name.
So in theory you can name the map Bunny CoolÖNK.scx? :)
yes, the displayed file name would be the same. When downloading, you would wonder what that means, though^^
I just had a game against flacker on the map, we honestly did not like the map that much, the distance to the choke at my position was quite horribly far, and flacker's natural seems very exposed. Still the game is probably somewhat entertaining, even though I played like shit :/
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yea, the choke is farther than on LT, but I couldn't do wider main bases for more space, so I had to make them a little "longer"...

His natural is just as tight as everyone else's is. Btw. I was surprised, you both wanted to expand to the min-only first...
Well, we did not know the map before the game. We pretty much had to scout for expansion possibilities. And the min only is the first expansion you see. When I realised that it was a min-only, and that it would be hard to defend it with inferior unit count, I chose to take the other expo instead.
I also set up a containment in the middle, I did not remember there was a way to reach other positions without going throgh the middle. Flacker did not notice it neither, I was lucky;P

--Panschk[FP] vs flacker[FP](1on1, 1.13)

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