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Last update for (2)Rhapsody : 2005, 08, 07 23:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
288 (2)Rhapsody 128*96Empyrean0.6final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Should be (2)Rhapsody....what the fuck?

Anyway, all mineral blocks block all workers. Including the one on the bridge.
Oh also note the trees behind the mineral, they provide 70% hit rate against attackers, which means statistically, they take less than three-quarters damage. Helps a lot when you drop Tanks/Templar/etc.

Also note the rediculous amount of decoration in the top left and bottom right hand corners. I even made custom doodads for them XD
Does the blocking work on both positions when taking the gas?

Imo at least one more expo is needed. TvZ looks extreamly imbalanced imo.
A slight game, the minerals in the main aren't there :( Any tips? I mean when I open the map they're there, but they aren't in game :[
Unit pathing fucks up with that block on the bridge in center?
And you must follow the naming restrictions on uploading page if the name shall be displayed correct. i will fix it for you this time.
your minerals belong player 2...that's why they dont show up

And btw that's A LOT of mins in the main. Oh my god.
Belong to player two??? I thought for sure I set them to player 12 :]


Also, I do remember I typed in (2)Rhapsody on my any case, thanks for fixing it for me!

Also I'm moving some minerals a bit farther so Zerg to two hat to get the mineral while other races must wait.

Think land Paradoxxx...

...oh my god I need to change it now.
lol Empy. Do you make maps to play on or do you just make them? It doesn't look to me like this would be one of those ultraswarmlinglurker vs mnmtankvesselwraith maps. Just looks like you were fooling around in the map editor ~_~
I think the map look very good terrain wise and layout. but the expos really are too weirdly placed. example. No natural expansion - perhaps not neccesary, but it will play weird, and games will be won and lost rather by inconvinience rather than skill :o

Those side trails are very good - if you can use them. But now theyre blocked of with expoes making that area useless, before the game has surpassed 15-20 min. untill that it only serves like a great anoying cliffy thing...

There seems to be no point at all in blocking the bridge.. might aswell remove it then.

I like the layout as i said, but the minerals placed as they are makes me not wanna play the map atm :(
I'm taking everyone's advice into consideration :]

And I will add more mienrals by the bridge so it will be more valuable, thus the bridge will have more tactical value as a "cliff" or sorts :]
De to the Caf
Have you tested the unit pathing?

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