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MOTW 39 + Update27 of September 2005 03:05 PM
Posted by:Listoric

*** UPDATED ***

First off all: Sorry that it took a bit longer this time, the decision on this weeks MOTW was just harder as usual. But we finally agreed on our newest Map of the Week, it's (2)Space River from Starparty !

Again, Starparty created a neat and balanced map. Space River comes up with several routes to your enemy or his expansions. Almost every expansion is in range of Zerg Lurkers, Protoss High Templar or the well known Terran Tank, so you can do serious damage everywhere you want to, or simply show your opponent how to defend your sparkling mining area. So shake your hands, grab your mouse and your keyboard and download our Map of the Week 39!

Go check out the map comments or download the Melee Version right away!

And again, don't forget to visit our MOTW-Tour partnersite as well, this page just rocks ass. :)

Oh and, "There are currently 400 maps in the database." Woohoo!! :) But the search for the best maps is still not over, participate with your opinions on the next Map of the Week, just click
here and post your sugguestions and comments.

*** UPDATE *** MOTW? How to vote? ***

After flothefreak and some others asked how to participate in choosing the next MOTW, i decided to explain it to you all, just in case :)

We vote every week our new Map of the Week. We do this with the "motw XX" topic in the Competitions-Section on right hand side. There everyone can enter a MapID of the map that should be considered as the next map of the week. The Map should be in the user-final category, simply because these maps don't go trough massive changes after being final ;)

This map is then displayed with all other sugguestions on top of the "MOTW XX Competition Page". There you can also enter your comment to the maps shown, explain why you would like to see a particular map as the next MOTW and finally give a vote like "I vote for Space River to be MOTW 39". That's it :)

Have a nice week,


Featured: Travin27 of September 2005 10:58 AM
Posted by:Starparty

read the latest newspost on about our new map hero Travin :)

A bit dissapointed that is not mentioned anywhere in the post though, since he is active member here and most of the maps were developed with the help of users. However Travin himself is not interviewed so i guess we have Entropy to blame :P

Still, nice feature :)

Link here
MOTW 3819 of September 2005 08:30 PM
Posted by:Listoric

I accidently overwrote this MotW newspost (praise murphys law, it just had to be the one of my map...) and so i just post the picture again, hope it makes me feel any better.

And here is the Melee Version Download and the comments page.

We all love Murphy, don't we? :)

Icons19 of September 2005 01:05 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

I implemented some of the icons Listoric created into the newscript. You can simply compy&paste the HTML-Code when making a newspost.

Most of the banners don't have a purpose imo. I don't see any news with the button "1on1" needed coming anytime soon. You can still use them if you want.
Show off19 of September 2005 09:56 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Yes, ive been away lately. I have no internet at home :( BUT atleast ive done SOMETHING constructive... Ive taken a deeper look into Worldedit, the map editor of WarCraft III, and I must say that im impressed. Making maps to War3 is almost the same as making maps to any of the Heroes of Might and Magic games (for those who have tried that). Personalizing every remote part of the map is great, and upward ramps creates a whole new world of symetrical mapmaking :)

To show You just some samples of what can be made, ive uploaded my 3 -so far- war3 maps made these past days. They come in chronological order.

First of:

(4)The Starparty

Download here

A remake of my original "(4)The Starparty" for BroodWar. (Dont confuse it with The Starparty III, which is another map).



Download here

War3 remake of my final BlizzCon submission. Quite large map for 1on1, but experienced War3 players might fid the macrobattle quite amusing, what do i know :P

And last:


Download here

Post comments in this thread. Also if there is special ways in balancing war3 maps like there is balancing BW maps, please tell me :)


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