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There are currently 3668 maps in the database.
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NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
BWMN - Mappack Suugguestion for BW4EVER League18 of September 2005 01:25 PM
Posted by:Listoric

Hi there,

if you haven't noticed it somehow, I'm also a mapstaff member on and I talked to General_Mengsk, webmaster of and one of the "heads" of bw4ever, about the next Mappack of the bw4ever league.

He told me that, if i want to, i could create a mappack full of sugguestions of maps, which could be implemented in the new upcoming season in about 1 month (or so ;).

So, i will be around here as always and search the DB for great maps. The MOTWs are already set in the sugguestion pack. With some luck, the bw4ever leagues will play some of our maps.

Just wanted to inform you about that,

keep on mapping,


The Gas Issue! - Updated13 of September 2005 10:51 PM
Posted by:Listoric

Hi folks,

just wanted to inform you that they were new tests made regarding "The Gas Issue" and so i updated the Article.

Have a nice day, and keep on smiling. ;)

BWMN league closed12 of September 2005 09:11 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
The Vitamin- Team and my clanmate 12[FP] were the only people joining me in channel BWMN today. Obviously, noone has interest in the league, so I shut it down.
Map of the Week 3712 of September 2005 11:52 AM
Posted by:Starparty

It's Week 37, and it is time to present the new Map of the Week! [7x]Spitfire took the site with storm when he uploaded a huge amount of quality maps just the other day. However, our eyes remained a little longer on this weeks winner: Goddess of Day. It's a pretty straight forward map with a few optional routes and a center battle area. A classic concept forged beautifully. We will hope to recieve great games on this one in the next tournament! (ps. notice how every gasnode is balanced ^^)

Goddess of Day

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Re-organizing 2on2-league08 of September 2005 09:57 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

As you can see, I deleted all leagues and created a new one with the few teams that seemed active to me. Now the first teams complained they were left out, and rightfully so. I just did not want, and still don't, to try to contact every single team to ask them if their registration to the league was only a joke or serious. So if you still want to play in the 2on2 league, post here and I will put your team in an other division, no problem:)


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