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There are currently 3686 maps in the database.
There were 52215 comments posted and 3283 replays uploaded.
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MOTW 3422 of August 2005 09:39 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Starparty and Empyrean gets MOTW honors for the second time with their map "Götterdämmerung", a map that introduces some nice ideas into melee maps.

First of, there is the expansion next to a players choke, that can be taken from the choke side (easier to defend) or the base side (with gas) depending on the situation. The mineralpatches there are only worth 1000, so you need another expansion pretty soon. This would probably be the easy-defendable gasexpansion on the nearby highground or the closer gas expansion just outside main. Next to it, you find a minerals wall allowing access to another part of the map and another path to the opponent. The strategical possibilities seem infinite and this map should produce some exciting replays!

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SPs Random MapCompetition #2!21 of August 2005 12:09 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Ok, the second competition :9

You will make a (fairly) balanced 6 player map on 128x128 / 128x192 with a minimap-motive of one of the following:

* palmtrees
* A Christmastree
* A cool Cactus


Bonuspoints to he who makes:

* DJ Starparty spinning records on Loveparade 2006.

The map itself requires no fancy stuff, just make it normal and -playable-. As long as the map is playable the best design will win ;) All ways of designing is allowed, i.e StarForge etc... But a normal design beats squarish design, however the motive is designed to look good in minimap, but also to not look extremely awkward in game.

ps. I try to be back before deadline :)

Oh btw, all maps should be uploaded as -EXPERIMENTAL- so they wont intervene to much with the normal maplist.

GL HF! ;)

Winner of SPs Random MapCompetition #1!19 of August 2005 11:41 AM
Posted by:Starparty

The first SP Random Mapcontest had closed its deadline, which was yesterday 23.59, and today i have decided the winner! :)

There were a few submissions actually, and all of them seemed fun and good, but there was one who stood out a bit more. By skipping the traditional groundmap concept, and making a traditional island map instead, travin took home the game with his map "(3)Dirz". The motivation would simply be that none of the other maps managed to balance up the positions as good as Travin did with Dirz because since it is an island map its kinda hard to fail ;) He made the better call and he took home the prize :)

Next competition will be up soon!

Reminder: 2on2 mapcontest17 of August 2005 01:06 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I just want to make sure everyone who uploads a map to the DB, wanting to participate in the mapcontest actually does. Don't forget to submit it to the mapcontest, just being in the database is not enough. 6 Maps is the limit for one user.
to the 2on2 mapcontest
TO ALL USERS16 of August 2005 07:12 PM
Posted by:Starparty
This is directed toward all the users of

We, the creator and the "admins" of this site, are very happy that we are beginning to recieve alot of response on this site. Many new mapmakers are uploading his/her maps to make our database grow even bigger and more varied.
However there is a few thing we must ask of You.

We can not possibly answer to every map that gets posted if every author uploads 10 maps each at a time. "But half of my maps are finnished anyway" You might think. I'm gonna say this trying not to sound like a total ass.

The "User-Final" category is for US to determine when a map is good enough to be called final. Even if You might consider your map final, it doesn't mean that this site will regard it like that. If Your map doesn't look and play as the already finnished maps, please don't hesitate to put your map as final. Put it as a beta and we'll discuss it through.

To avoid this problem, don't upload your entire collected work at a time. Upload your favourite map and we will have a good discussion about that one. Perhaps its good as it is, perhaps we can give you suggestions on things to change or tweak. This way everyone has more fun and the maps will be considered more instead of just being "one of many".

If anyone feels guilty, don't go and start removing maps. First of you can't :P Second, whats done is done and let's try to do the best out of it. Its not like its a crisis, it's just a matter of functionality. Just keep this in mind the next time You have a bunch of maps You want everyone to know about.

/Starparty admin

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