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MOTW 3422 of August 2005 09:39 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Starparty and Empyrean gets MOTW honors for the second time with their map "Götterdämmerung", a map that introduces some nice ideas into melee maps.

First of, there is the expansion next to a players choke, that can be taken from the choke side (easier to defend) or the base side (with gas) depending on the situation. The mineralpatches there are only worth 1000, so you need another expansion pretty soon. This would probably be the easy-defendable gasexpansion on the nearby highground or the closer gas expansion just outside main. Next to it, you find a minerals wall allowing access to another part of the map and another path to the opponent. The strategical possibilities seem infinite and this map should produce some exciting replays!

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Empyrean really was involved in this too :P

Thanks for the award! :D hopefully this will be played in the first tour :D

The newspost is good :) just add some bold to highlight names, and put "center" on the image and id be really happy :D (cant log in on this comp it seems...)
nvm, your log in is just case sensitive, and i typed "starparty" instead of "Starparty" (big 'S')
Put the MotW banner up :P
Yes, the MOTW banner!! :) nice map btw ^^
for what are the 3 mineral patches at the sunken ground?
I'd say: Fun!

Maybe someone will think "hey, these mineralpatches come in handy right now". Just a fun addition, maybe someone will use it somehow. :)
Listoric is a good analyzer ;)
hehe, thx ;) i'm looking forward to ESP day 5 to see some replays.
Fuck yes :) This is the first time I've been on bwm for a long time (six months of diablo have taken away much of my starcraft drive...if you haven't noticed my slowing down at teamliquid. I actually went a day without posting yesterday)

Thanks everybody :)

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