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There are currently 3828 maps in the database.
There were 51418 comments posted and 3408 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -162,292.0 .
5 newest maps:
(3)A-Team 0.81
(3)Endgame 0.66
(4)Maw of the Deep 0.60
(4)Diamondback 1.1b
5 newest replays:
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)Whiteout0
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (4)Haven_of_Winter_0.60
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (2)Autumn_to_Winter_0.6
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (4)Vitaath_0.6
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)White Dragons Valley
New Year Post (start of 2019)01/05/2019 12:17 PM
Posted by:Jukado
2018 is over. It has been a very successful year for foreign mapping. Here are some highlights:

Download ScmDraft map editor from:
click here Stormcoast Fortress

Suicidal Insanity has posted about a potential new feature for ScmDraft, a unit path preview tool.
This feature would be an extremely powerful addition to a mappers toolkit.

click here Unit Path Preview tool teamliquid thread


We have seen two maps getting picked up for one of the big Korean leagues and the Blizzard ladder.
Congratulations to Freakling for (4)Roadkill and (4)In The Way Of An Eddy being used in KSL and the official ladder.

click here Roadkill

click here Eddy

click here KSL Season 1 maps liquipedia

click here KSL Season 2 maps liquipedia

Roadkill was added to the blizzard ladder in patch 1.22.0 (Season 1)
Eddy was added to the blizzard ladder in patch 1.22.1 (Season 2)

click here Blizzard ladder maps liquipedia


The above two maps were used in BSL5 and additionally so were (4)Kiseyras and (4)Heartbeat.
Congratulations to CrystalDrag and Jungleterrain for this achievement.

click here Kiseyras

click here Heartbeat

click here BSL5 map pool liquipedia

Going forward BSL6 has kept Eddy, Heartbeat and Kiseyras in the map pool.

click here BSL6 map pool teamliquid thread


An update for Brood War remaster introduced new ramp tiles. Its significant news for mappers as these are the first new tiles to be added to the game since Brood War.
Please note that if you use these tiles in a map then it will not be backwards compatible with version 1.16 etc though.

click here Patch 1.22 blizzard announcement


Golgotha teaching Brood War to students at a school in Thailand lead to some fun events which bwmn was able to contribute to in a small way.
A couple of gaming sessions were held, there was a stream with Korean casters, and a bunch of swag including t shirts, keyboards, headphones etc courtesy of Afreeca and Blizzard was delivered to the school.
And there was also pizza!

click here help teaching brood war to thai students tl thread part 1

click here afreeca kcm lan party thailand tl thread part 2

click here thai lan party success tl thread part 3


Brood Wars 20th anniversary was celebrated with Blizzard sending commemorative certificates and coins to various community figures. Map makers were included, with effort made to reach mappers from various eras of brood wars' history. Congratulations to those who received this token of appreciation. Thankyou to Blizzard and those who worked to make this happen.

click here 20th anniversary commemoration bwmn thread

click here Starparty tl blog post


Lots of foreign tournaments used foreign maps during 2018, and some of these tournaments even had more foreign maps than korean.
A huge thankyou goes out to these tournament organisers for supporting foreign mapping.
All the best for 2019.
New Year Post01/05/2018 01:05 PM
Posted by:Jukado
2017 has been a significant year for brood war and mappers.

A different version of brood war was released, dramatically changing the landscape.

A different version of scm draft was released. Several features are present that greatly improve a melee mappers toolkit.
A massive thankyou to Suicidal Insanity for this.
click here Stormcoast Fortress

click here scm draft teamliquid release thread


Also a major korean tournament used a foreign map. Congratulations to Jungleterrain for (3)Uzi Sara being used in the Ginyuda Team Battle (ASL team battle).
click here Uzi Sara page

click here ASL team battle liquipedia page


More foreign tournaments have been using foreign maps too. Overall its been a good year for map makers in my opinion.

We have also had a large number of new mappers posting maps on this site. A warm welcome to them. I have to admit Im really impressed by the quality of the maps these guys have made so far.
Likewise it has been a pleasure to see familiar faces returning to the site to comment.

May your concepts come readily, and your execution be ruthless.
Here is to 2018.
Rebirth of Intothemap08/19/2017 07:24 AM
Posted by:JungleTerrain
So I've been checking every once in a while to see if any korean mapmaking sites have come back up and it seems intothemap is back up. Not sure how new or legit it is but there isn't any content up as far as I can tell. I used to check out the maps there a lot back around 2008-2012.

I will be keeping an eye out for more sites like this, including mapdori, etc.

Feel free to post any discoveries regarding melee mapmaking sites or communities!

Check it out here:
StarCraft Remastered04/19/2017 04:36 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Very open post here, but what are your thoughts on this? Think this can get the community going again?

teamliquid Fight Club01/17/2017 05:32 PM
Posted by:Jukado
Map pool includes Overwatch, Reap The Storm, Kiseyras and Crown and Sceptre.
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