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5 newest maps:
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(4)wild force 1.65 (no_o
5 newest replays:
NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
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iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
Map of the Week 1405 of April 2006 11:19 PM
Posted by:LGI

Well here am i... Standing in front of my PC and writting my own newspost for my own map Darina's Feelings. It's a little funny, but at least i can write whatever i want, because it's mine map :) . I am only sad, because i know that right now i am doing and i will do many gramer mistakes, because my English is bad, but that's another story...

So the new MotW on is Darina's Feelings. The diffrence from my other maps is starting from the name to the whole map. I name most of my maps to some of my favourite psychedelic trance artist, but one day my lovely girlfriend ask me to make her a map with her name. And here is she:

My love :D

Ok now, and here is she again:

So about the map... I've tryed to make different gameplay on every position without making that big diffrences in balance. Anyway the balance is tuched on every kind of MU and start locations.

The horizontal line where the ramp is leading to the sunk ground is a little terran favouring, but the other path wich is going trought the center is enought open to crash the terran force with any race. Anyway i am thinking that most of the horizontal games in PvT MU will be something like in Lost Temple MU 12 o'clock Protoss and 3 o'clock Terran. On this situation terran have the location advantage and makes his push easyer then on the other locations, and most of the games Protoss is trying to expand faster on the other parts of the map. So i expect something like this on this map too, but the center open path is only a bonus for the protoss to reduse the situation when protoss will go on another location in late games.

The vertical and cross positions will be harder for terran players since their only path will be trough the open center.

Now if you look at the min only expands, you will see a gas station behind the minerals. I've put it for a 2v2 late games. Because the map have enought gas expands for 1v1 mode game, and in 2v2 mode gas is most needed in late games, so i hope it's a good idea.

Well this are the main things about the map. I am really happy with it, because i've made the good and comfortable feel in game. Just try it and you will se what i mean.

Here is the map topic, where you can find a melee version, an obs version and 11 good replays picked from over 30-40 games. But note that some of the replays are from older versions of the map.
Map of the Week {13}28 of March 2006 11:47 PM
Posted by:decafchicken
It is once again Monday and time for the next MotW post. Unfortunatly i just lied, and this week the MotW comes to you on Tuesday. This weeks winner is once more the fresh, new, exotic, sexy Arden(WoF) with his latest creation: Avalon(n).

With its gentle curves, elaborate design of bridges and terrain, and subtly unique expansion placement, we have decided to award it MotW after a long debate. Using cliffs with ramps and a new style of natural placement, this map will offer many fun and interesting games from beginning to end. All sorts of tactics from sneaking in backdoor, surprise proxy rushes, or the good ol' head on attack are viable on this map.

The obs and non obs versions of the map and comments section can be found here
MotW [12]22 of March 2006 04:24 PM
Posted by:flothefreak
As nobody feels responsible to sacrifice 15 minutes of spare time, i will do it again.

The MotW of last week comes with a little delay. We apologize.
Much time has passed since MilleniumArmy's last MotW. Now he comes again with


This uncommon map offers several fresh concepts and ideas put together, while still not being the overkill. Due to its creativity in structure, it should be able to be the base for some fast and cheesy and original games. The overall layout screams for dynamic battles with much harassing and a lot of hit-and run-action. So be welcome to play a few games on our MotW 2006.12, post a mapcomment or just upload your replays.
MotW [11]16 of March 2006 02:16 PM
Posted by:flothefreak

The debate lasted long, even though the decision was actually quite clear as i went through the votes again and counted. So we are proud to announce the MotW 2006.11:

(2)Velocity by Arden(WoF)

This map, whose most striking feature is the long distance between the two bases, thus makes the current MotWs quite space-dominating: three times in a row now, the "Map Of The Week"-winners led us into the reigns of artifical gravity and worlds of deserted space platforms. Furthermore, Arden(Wof)'s map shows a remarkable expansion layout which should provide the gameplay with some fresh and innovative tactics. So do not hesitate to get Velocity here (melee) or here (obs), and show us some replays!
Congratulations to Arden(WoF), your map (2)Velocity is the MotW 2006.11.
MOTW 1008 of March 2006 10:11 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
It was a very close decision between trcc's Conquer Fever and flothefreak's Trench Warfire. But as we can not discuss forever, somebody got to make a decision, and that is me this time;) Again it is flothefreak who comes short in a last secound decision.

Post by decafchicken:

We have reached the 10 week mark of the year 2006, and along with it another great MotW. trcc Has done it again, adding to his already vast collection of great maps. This weeks MotW is Conquer Fever, a 4 player space map.

Trcc somehow managed to squeeze 4 players onto a 96*128 size map, without making them feel cramped, and still managed to throw in some creativity. This map offers new gameplay with a min only expo inside the players main, on high ground in addition to the standard natural expansion out front. But be wary of the two bridges allowing plenty of units to come through. Beyond that, this map's middle has great flow and 4 more expansions (2 min only, 2 gas) ensuring many great games on this map. Comments can be found and made here.

Congratulations to trcc. And to flothefreak :D

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