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Last update for (5)Noise Complaint : 2009, 07, 31 01:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3770 (5)Noise Complaint 128*96aeoliant0.1betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

hey guys this is the first odd-numbered player map ive made. hope most of the stuff is the same size. i was kicking around this concept before of having each base have an advantage over one of his neighbours but with 4 players the mains become huge. so i tried 5 and i hope the mains aren't too small. other than that its a normal map. oh and under the power generator is a geyser. comments are appreciated.
Don't really think you should be making 5 player maps on 128x96.
Seems like some wasted space on water.
Natural is really small, going to cause some pathing issue.
Middle is a bit smaller.
its actually 128x112. i might redo this idea on a 4p map but i wanted to see what people thought of it first.
u did a good job with ur concept map just needs to be carved out more to look sexy
Actually this looks really fun. I agree with tktk make it sexy and I'll play on this one oodles

And keep it 5 player. there are way too few good ones out there.
modified by illisid
so when you say sexy, i'm not cartosexual so bear with me, what do you mean? lol.
what he means is to even out the paths to make them a bit more streamlined if that makes sense

see yellow or any map at similar degree of mastery to see what i mean
The power generators don't make much sense to me from a strategic standpoint. The distance from chokes varies from base to base, and they would have little impact on narrowing chokes. Might as well use a doodad.

ALSO: question: How do you make neutral buildings appear in melee?
modified by LarJarsE
larjarse: the power generators are covering a geyser. they don't block pathing. and you just add a neutral sprite. if you use scmdraft go to the sprites layer instead of the unit layer.
Sprites > Unit Sprites > Building
Make sure it is in Player 12
I've tried that, and the neutral buildings don't show. A sprite doesn't have values like health and path-blocking like actual units do.

I must be doing something wrong.. Sprites>Unit Sprites>Terran>Special Buildings>Power Generator

that doesn't work for me.
Make sure you use SCMDraft2 and make sure the it's player 12.
try aligining it to the grid too, it might help

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